Weekly News Roundup: X5 Takes On Nabimia, BMW Grows Human Workforce, and More…

In the inaugural installment of our Weekly News Roundup, we’ve got a few of the most noteworthy stories and videos from the past week, all featuring your favorite German marque. From a BMW Driving Experience X5 taking on the Namibian desert to a seriously impressive opposite-lock save from an E60 driver, we’re here to remind you that it’s been a good week to be a Bimmer fan. Check out the rest of the stories after the drop…


E60 Driver Recovers from Gnarly Hydroplane, Says He Learned It From Video Games

Via Jalopnik…It’s one of the first lessons you learn in Driver’s Ed – if your vehicle enters a skid, simply turn into the skid to counteract the movement of the rear and regain control. Sounds easy enough. Pulling that off on the highway, in the rain, and with your family in the car? Not so simple. Sadiq Rahman, a 21-year old E60 owner, did just that, though. When asked how he did it, he explained, “I’ve never crashed before and after driving for three years and playing racing games in the past, Instinctively I knew to steer into the skid.” Apparently, playing Gran Turismo can save your life, which is the best news we’ve received all week.

BMW Increases Human Workforce in Contrast to Increasingly Automated Industry

Via Bloomberg…In an industry that is becoming increasingly reliant on robotic technologies for assembly and testing of products, BMW is instead investing in a larger human workforce. Citing the increasing challenges of implementing emerging technologies such as automation and digitalization, the German automaker expanded their human workforce by 4.4% over the past year, according to first quarter figures released on Tuesday.

CNET’s Road Show Takes on the Nabimian Desert in an X5

Via CNET…Watch as CNET’s Roadshow staff  tests the limits of a 2016 X5 in a 7-day trek across the Nabimian Desert. The X5 handled rolling dunes, rock gardens and sandy plains with ease at the hands of CNET’s driver, reminding us that although an X5 may look more at home to us on the grocery run, its natural habitat is certainly somewhere much wilder.

BMW Stock Values Fall Despite Rise in Q1 Profits

Via WSJ…Despite a reported 8.2% rise in profits for Q1 2016, share prices of BMW AG stock fell over 4% this week after the automaker warned of a difficult sales road ahead for the rest of the year. Amidst facing short-term challenges such as declining U.S. demand and political turmoil in Europe, BMW is facing competitive pressure from rivals Tesla Motors, Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google. However, Chief Executive Harald Krüger reassured shareholders that, “The decisive factor for us isn’t short-term profit but sustainable, profitable growth. From this position of strength, we intend to play a pioneering role in transforming and shaping the world of individual mobility going forward.”