Planning a BMW Tailgate: 6 Tips for a Memorable Party

Fall brings the changing of leaves and the return of football. The gridiron is America’s favorite sport, and hundreds upon thousands of people tailgate outside NFL stadiums and on the campuses of their favorite college teams. 

One of the best ways to tailgate is by driving your BMW and sharing your team spirit with friends and family. Here are six tips for planning a memorable party.

1. Find a Good Spot

Knowing the general area where you’ll set up your tailgate is essential before entering the grounds. Many stadiums allow and encourage tailgating in the parking lot, but others may have moved these activities to a designated area. Do your research beforehand and see what the tailgate policies are for the stadium. You should also clarify the guidelines for open flames and containers. After all, food and beverages are the stars of the show.

2. Set up the Menu 

Fans tailgate for the love of football and good food. What’s a tailgate without an assortment of barbecue and tasty sides? Ask whoever’s coming along what they like so you know what to cook. America’s two favorite tailgate foods are burgers and hot dogs, so sticking with these classics won’t hurt. Veggie trays with tasty dips like hummus, Buffalo ranch or pimento cheese work well, and chips are a popular hit. 

3. Pour the Beer

Football and cold beer go together like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. If you plan on tailgating, alcohol is a popular option no matter the game’s time. Ask your friends what they like to drink so you can gauge what kinds of drinks you should bring. Tailgates provide an excellent opportunity to share fun times with friends. The only difficult choice is selecting what beer to get.

Picking which beer to bring is as tricky as choosing your favorite child. If you have a crowd of beer lovers coming to your tailgate, consider IPAs. These pale ales are becoming popular as more breweries have hopped on the IPA train. According to Drizly, they have seen a 761% growth in sales year over year. Hazy IPAs made up nearly 21% of all IPA sales, so consider them when packing the brews. 

4. Decorate the Tailgate

Team spirit is something you wear as a badge of honor. Even if your team hasn’t won a Super Bowl, you’ll still don the jersey as if you’re one of the 11 players on the field. A terrific way to show your pride is to decorate your BMW and show up to the tailgate in style. You’ll leave no doubt about what team you support when driving around town.

There are numerous routes you can take for decorating. BMW trunks are spacious, so you have a lot of room to work with. You can hang up banners and flags and place other team items there. Decorative helmets, mascots and anything representing your team colors will also add to the party. You could make custom designs for games like cornhole, horseshoes and ladder toss.  

5. Set Up the Speakers 

Tailgating is fun, but you made the trip to the stadium for the game itself. If you plan to stay on the grounds all day, ensure you and your guests can watch the game on TV or listen to the radio. Either way, you’ll need a good pair of speakers so everybody can follow what’s happening. BMWs typically have quality sound systems, but you can upgrade to speakers from JBL or Pioneer if you want something extra. 

6. Protect From the Weather

Unfortunately, being outdoors can leave you in sticky situations. Weather is difficult to predict even for meteorologists, so you’ll want to be prepared in case a storm hits. The prime football months of September, October and November are prime time for hurricane season, so those in the Southeast especially should have a plan in case the weather affects the tailgate.

There are ways to protect your BMW if unexpected storms arrive. You can use a moving blanket as a quick way to cover your vehicle and protect it from heavy rains, hail and other damage. Another option is to get a mobile car tent. These covers are multifunctional because you can use them during your tailgate as shade for your guests and serve as shelter for your BMW if a storm comes.

Planning a BMW Tailgate

Americans love football. Every week in the fall, millions of people tune in to watch their favorite team play. Many of these fans head to the stadium and get an interactive experience with other fans by tailgating. Be prepared to throw a memorable party if you’re taking your BMW to a tailgate.