6 Long-Term Maintenance Practices All BMW Owners Should Know

BMWs look incredible rolling off the lot, so how can you keep your vehicle in shape for a long time? It all comes down to how you maintain it over time. 

Long-term care preserves BMWs by detecting problems early and limiting wear and tear. Here are six long-term maintenance practices all BMW owners should know.

Get a BMW Checkup

Regular checkups help you maintain your physical health, so give your bimmer the same treatment by bringing it in for inspections. Find a BMW-certified mechanic in your area to let an experienced professional handle your machine in the best way. If your car is under warranty, the terms may require a certified technician to work on it— otherwise, you risk voiding the contract.

When at the shop, the mechanic will perform a complete inspection by reviewing the engine, brake system and other integral parts. Stop by every 5,000 miles to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.

Find BMW-Friendly Products

While a mechanic performs many maintenance tasks, you can take some things into your own hands. For example, oil changes are a popular job to do by yourself on your days off. However, you should proceed with caution when gathering the supplies for fluid changes because BMWs need specific products.

For example, the manufacturer recommends using synthetic oil over regular in most of its vehicles, so check the owner’s manual to ensure you’re putting the right stuff in your car. Synthetic oil is preferable in BMWs because it has better viscosity and protects your engine for the long haul.

Learn Electric Maintenance

Exciting times are ahead as BMW introduces fully electric vehicles (EVs) to its yearly lineups. These machines have a battery range of over 300 miles, depending on the model and trim you get. This transition emphasizes the need for BMW owners to learn electric maintenance.

EVs typically require less work, but your electric BMW will need love and care to last as long as possible. Here are a few tips for long-term EV maintenance:

  • Battery charging: You might fully charge your electronics, but don’t use this approach with EVs. Limiting its time at 100% or 0% charge extends your machine’s life by optimizing battery health.    
  • AC unit: When the air conditioner breaks, driving in the summer gets uncomfortable quickly. Ensure your BMW mechanic inspects the air conditioning, especially before the hot weather arrives.
  • Software updates: Modern vehicles rely on software updates to ensure smooth rides. Update your EV as soon as possible to verify your BMW has the tools it needs to run well.

Monitor Your Garage Temperature

Some of the best maintenance practices you can implement don’t pertain to a specific BMW part. For long-term care, you should be mindful of where you store your BMW. Bringing the vehicle inside is best to protect it from the weather when it’s hot, cold, dry or wet. However, indoor conditions can still negatively affect your vehicle.

For instance, suppose you keep your BMW in your home garage. Nighttime can bring cold temperatures inside, even if you lock up for the evening. If this sounds familiar, add insulation to the garage door because it regulates temperatures and prevents moisture buildup.

Additionally, add insulation to the garage walls to keep cold air outside and away from your bimmer. When freezing temperatures arrive, your vehicle’s fluids thicken and become less effective, making climate control even more important.

Check Your Tire Pressure

When considering BMW care, you may imagine oil changes and engine tune-ups. These tasks are critical, but it’s important to remember your tires as part of your tasks.

The first step in tire maintenance should be to check the pressures regularly. Review your BMW owner’s manual for the recommended psi. Most suggest keeping the tires between 32 and 35 psi for safe driving.

Additionally, checking your tread levels is wise for long-term care. Driving your BMW to work or on fun road trips will wear the tread over time, so test it to ensure the depth is safe. The penny test is a solid home method, requiring you to stick an upside-down coin inside the tread. If you can see Abraham Lincoln’s entire head, it’s time to get new tires for your bimmer.

Drive Carefully

The best way to put long-term maintenance into your hands is to drive carefully. Follow the speed limits everywhere, and don’t accelerate or brake too rapidly. Overusing the gas and brake pedals makes your BMW work harder than necessary. Caring for your car now will pay dividends with fewer trips to the mechanic later.

Driving Your BMW for the Long Haul

Modern cars are more durable than ever, thanks to technology and improved manufacturing processes. However, the life of a vehicle is still up to you, the owner and how you treat it. Use these six long-term maintenance tips to get the most out of your BMW.