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Rolls Royce owner crashes into cage meant to protect his car

We go to great lengths to protect our cars.  Whether that means parking your car in multiple spaces, investing in a garage, or buying a cage to keep prying hands away from your favorite car, there’s one thing that remains the same — you need to park your car well in order to keep it safe. One car owner in Australia found this out first-hand, much to his chagrin.

An Exciting New Car

It’s a tale as old as time — or at least as old as money. A rich guy spends a lot of money on a car and then spends his nights worrying about keeping it safe. In this case, the car was a $645,000 (Australian Dollars) Rolls Royce Wraith. In U.S. currency that comes out to about a $400,000 USD Rolls Royce Wraith, depending on the day’s currency conversion rates.

The Wraith is a car that has no rivals in its class. Instead of being the classic ‘car to be chauffeured in’ it’s designed to be driven and driven well. The latter part is what the Australian owner apparently had trouble with.

Designed to Protect At Least In Theory

Our Rolls driver wasn’t content with the parking facilities near his home. It wasn’t like he was parking on the street. The garage he was using had Lamborghinis and McLarens and even had a totally secure gate like these one.  That wasn’t enough for him though. To ensure his investment was protected, he had a custom cage built around his parking space.

Yes, you read that right.  He put his $400,000 car in a cage like a farm animal or a misbehaving pet. In theory, this should protect his car.

The Results

Unfortunately, it takes some basic car navigation ability to move in and out of a caged-in parking space — and most people seem to be incapable of parking in regular uncaged parking spaces! This cage the Rolls owner had built to protect his car ended up being his downfall — he was unable to make his way in and out of the parking space and ended up crashing into the cage!

A low-speed parking crash might seem like a minor inconvenience, but in this instance, it turned out to be an expensive mistake. Not only was there body damage to the exterior of the car, but he also lost a rear marker light, and damaged the steering to the point that the car had to be towed away for repairs.

There is a lesson to be learned here — if you can’t park your car don’t spend the money to cage in your parking space. You’ll end up regretting it.