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Why you should choose a BMW over an Audi

There is intense competition between the Germain carmakers behind Audi and BMW. Luckily, this competition benefits the customers the most. This competition leads to more luxury and benefit in car designs which make a car owner as satisfied as possible. BMW and Audi are both luxury car brands, catering to a specific segment of society. The companies know that the more perfection they serve, the loyal their customer base will become.

Audi and BMW may be the most competitive brands when it comes to cars, but we have picked out some reasons why you should choose a BMW over an Audi:

More designs:

BMW launched four models in 1975. Today, this number has increased to more than a hundred. There is a lot of variety in the make and models of BMW. There are so many sizes, engines, and colors to pick from, and this has made BMW a hallmark of success.

When you pay close attention to the variety of BMW models, you realize this has happened to prevent BMW owners from deflecting to other brands for better options. If you want better options, they are right here in a BMW sales shop.

The executives at BMW follow a simple principle: they don’t want the customers to grow bored. The more attention you pay to your customers, the more your customer satisfaction rate will increase. Maintaining a successful vehicle line between all the luxury car brand proliferation is a sign of their competitiveness.

Brands like Cadillac, Audi, and General Motors are always grappling with confusion to get more models in the market for everyone. Meanwhile, BMW cruises smoothly with its wide range of options.

Flexible assembly lines:

A BMW model is fixed in eight final assembly plants around the world. Four plants are located in Germany, two are based in China, one is in South Africa, and a complex is in Spartanburg. The Spartanburg plant specializes in all crossover BMW models, which are called Sports Activity Vehicles by BMW.

The part kits for BMW are assembled in developing countries like India and Thailand. This shows the cost-effectiveness of the lineup and the flexibility to stay true to the assembly requirements throughout the year. Multiple body types can be created out of these plants with the same efficiency.

There are experts in Logistics in every plan who direct the whole process until the vehicle is completed to be delivered in more than 140 countries. Then there are complications like the delivery of engines to the Spartanburg plant and the journey of a Sports Activity Vehicle back to Europe.

Trading options:

When we talk about variety, we also pay attention to the fact that the company will help you trade in your vehicle in exchange for a better and more suitable model. If your car lease is expiring or your family is growing, you can choose a bigger or better BMW model.

BMW also sells more of these small luxury cars than any of its competitors. Customers don’t find it very hard to decipher the alphanumeric names of BMW cars. In the i3, a small battery powered car, i stands for innovation. In the 328i, which is a sedan with a gas engine, the ‘i’ stands for direct gasoline injection to the cylinders.

If the trading choices are a bit confusing for you, the company has trained product experts for you. These experts are trained by BMW and employed by car dealers like We Buy Any Car in the UK who are well-versed in retail sale prices and every tip that you possibly want to know about BMW vehicles. These people are trained after inspiration from Apple Store agents. They aren’t made to force shoppers to buy a car, they just mystify them with their vast knowledge of every model and its luxury functionalities.

The resulting sales numbers are significant for the company. People never lose interest in the brand, and there is always the chance to introduce something new.

Driver-focused vehicle:

As their slogan goes, BMW goes a mile in providing the ‘ultimate driving machine’ to its customers. When you get into a BMW, you see a dashboard that is gathered towards your driver’s seat. You will find out within minutes that the car prioritizes giving all main functions access to the driver. Heating changes and infotainment can be accessed by the front seat passenger, but all other options are in close range of the driver.

All BMWs are, without doubt, the most comfortable driving machines. The 3 Series cars are labeled to be all you ever wanted to drive and own. They have desirable, practical and hugely comfortable parts that will end up impressing the most critical of drivers. Most BMWs are rear-wheel drives, except SUVs and sports cars that are four-wheel drives.

BMW vs. Audi:

Many people will bring all the classic arguments to push one brand over the other. However, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, car choices also depend on the needs of the owner. There are some things which define and distinctly differentiate BMW from Audi choices:

BMW is a maker of FWD while Audi makes sports cars with more power to the rear. Fans can go on and on about these specs about FWD for ages, but BMW’s xDrive is a groundbreaking model that is just an excellent model to own.

The interiors are amazing in a BMW, while the Audi focuses on a sports car perspective. BMW is a car for families and caters to families of every size.

BMW and Audi are rivals in small cars, and their models even came close to rivalry in 2017. Both had great interiors and smooth functions. When it comes to SUVs, it is a strong suit of BMWs. Their models rank on top for the luxury SUV classes. Safety scores for these SUVs are perfect, and they provide excellent functions in the latest model. Audi falls back with their limited backseat and safety score.

BMW promises a single price and stays close to it while for the Audi, prices start lower but can quickly gather to a higher number.

Guy Crashes His BMW While Trying to Impress His Date

If your friends accused you of only trying to impress women when you picked up your BMW, you’re not the first. Bradley Van Outen was hoping the roundel would come through for him on his first date with Carrie-Anne Knox. Unfortunately, all he did was ruin a nice car and injure an innocent woman.

Reckless Driving Only the Start

Van Outen spun the BMW once and then lost control, which led to their impact with a tree. Following the crash, the driver dragged Knox from the car by her broken arm, putting her in severe pain. Even worse, he insisted on fleeing the scene, due to his suspended license. Knox fainted, and her would-be date left her in the care of a stranger on a park bench.

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What to Look for When Buying a used BMW

Depending on who you ask, BMW either stands for the ultimate driving machine or “breaks monthly or weekly.” Ask a seasoned wrench hand their opinion of these cars and they’ll probably say the same thing they do of most cars. If you treat them well and take care of them, you shouldn’t expect more trouble with a bimmer than any other car.

What you can expect is an engaging driving experience, styling that is instantly recognizable but not obnoxious, and an interior that neatly walks the line between luxury and purpose. For many owners, nothing but a BMW will do, and these cars can be had at very accessible price ranges. So how do you make sure the car you pick is the right one?

Know What you Want

BMW is often credited with inventing the sports sedan, or at least bringing it to the masses. While smallish saloon cars and coupes remain the German automaker’s bread-and-butter, there are so many variants on the used car market it can be difficult to know where to start. You can even choose a BMW SUV, if that’s your thing.

The Three Series, BMW Iconoclast

A good place to begin your homework is with the three series, the car that made BMW what it is today. You could probably plop down for any six-cylinder three series made in the last thirty years with decent maintenance history and mileage and have a perfectly enjoyable car. They’re that good.

This is not to say that four-cylinder cars should be avoided, in particular the latest generation of small-displacement cars are very good, however with the exception of the now unicorn-status first-generation M3, most early four-pot cars were underpowered and not particularly stout.

Z cars typically fall into the 3-series bucket, and while opinions on styling vary, they don’t suffer from any outrageously different ailments than your typical 3-series, and might be described as a generally underappreciated small sports car.

The Five Series, Workaday Warrior

If the three series brought sport sedans to the masses, the five brought sports sedans to the junior executive. Offering slightly more room and plusher appointments than their smaller brethren, five series cars still offer exceptional driving dynamics.

Mid-2000s cars are subject to some questionable styling practices in the form of the notorious “bangle butt”, so if you’re in the market for a premium car, look for later models. If you’re willing to go earlier, a cozy 540i with 15 years or so of patina can be had for less than ten grand, and you get the decadence of a Bavarian-built V8. Just make sure you understand the inevitable costs of maintenance.

The five series was also the original family to launch a BMW SUV, the venerated X5. While there are 3, 4, 6 and 1-series variants out there, all of which are competent crossovers, the 5 is probably your best bet for a used BMW four-wheeler. Aside from the X models, if it’s rocking a roundel and 4wd, and wasn’t made in the last five years, purchase at your own risk.

The Seven, Like an S-Class With Handling Dynamics

About those maintenance costs, add a thirty-percent premium for BMW’s flagship land yacht, the autobahn-cruising seven. Having the best of everything, including particularly cosseting interiors that even included optional water buffalo hides on select models, comes at a price. But few cars dominate the road like a well-kept seven series.

Getting into a later model seven could be difficult as even used cars tend to be exclusively expensive or carry mileage well in excess of 100k. Stick to the V8 cars and avoid the seductive V12 unless you’re prepared to give your first born to keep it on the road. And that’s assuming it doesn’t break.

One-Offs and B-Sides

In addition to the standard three—five—seven lineup, BMW has made a huge number of unique models. In recent years, the brand has also used up just about every one of the digits with the exception of nine.

One and two series cars make a good choice if you’re looking for a compact and can afford a late-model BMW. The occasional six series is approachable these days, and there are some remnants of the old “shark nose” cars from the seventies floating around out there. Both are large, asphalt-leveling coupes on opposite ends of the price spectrum.

Speaking of big coupes, BMW’s attempt at a halo car was the early-90s eight series. Hardcore collectors love these cars, but those new to motoring or BMW should steer clear, if you even spot one, because of preventatively high maintenance costs.

M is for Motorsports

Actually, it probably stands for some German word that means motorsports. M cars are BMW’s homage to the company’s racing heritage. They offer uprated feedback and engagement, and limits that can be unreasonable to challenge without risking a ticket, or worse.

If you choose to go this route, get a full mechanic’s inspection, do your homework on the specific model, know what breaks, and be prepared to pay significant maintenance costs. Also, take comfort in knowing you’ll crack a smile every time you get behind the wheel. Just maybe keep the traction control on for the first week or so.

Take-home Lessons

These are good general pointers about what’s out there, but the best advice I can give you about purchasing a car is to do your homework about that particular car. Find out how many owners it has had, where it came from, and whether important recall work has been carried out.

If you’re buying a BMW for the first time, congratulations. Be smart and you’ll come away with a car that delivers driving pleasure not many can match.