Represent Your BMW Lifestyle

We’ve all done it. Browsing BMW’s own accessories catalog for cool apparel, that is. Face it, you love your BMW(‘s), and as a result you want the world to know it. Yes, everyone knows it when they see you in your said steed, but you got to dress the part too. And no, I don’t mean like Jeremy Clarkson as seen above or Alex Kersten of Car Throttle in hilarious copycat fashion here. But, BMW’s own apparel line isn’t exactly what one would call cheap. Think of it this way, if you can afford a new BMW, then you can also afford their new tees and polos.

So what I have here are some choice selections from a couple vendor’s and artists, as an alternative, read- cooler ways of showing your love of the brand from Bavaria.

Nicolas Hunziker

Mr. Hunziker has been in the car world for a number of years now. The first time I saw his work was at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca. He is first and foremost an artist, with his large canvas paintings being something truly beautiful to behold. His work has a sense of stylized impressionism about it, but also Warhol with his vibrant colors infused about. Besides his artwork which also includes a large selection of smaller posters, he has a super selection of shirts and even shoes now. His shirts especially are also very reasonably priced. Though his catalog mostly consists of Porsche and Steve McQueen-themed designs (His Gulf-liveried shoes are ace), he does have a few terrific BMW designs.

BMW Batmobile

I love BMW E9’s. Seriously, they are mega, especially the racing versions such as the bewing’d ‘batmobile’ pictured here. Every year at the Monterey Historics, the 3.0 CSL’s are among the most tone full and arousing noisemakers present.


Fast forward a couple years to a vintage E21 3-series catching air. Something I still want to do in my own 3er.

BMW 100 Years

Yes, yes, it’s been hammered home against our skulls over and over this past year and a bit, but in case you somehow hadn’t heard, 2016 was BMW’s 100 year anniversary. Celebrate with this cool tee showing historic BMW racers, each about 40 years apart. Also, note the cool Laguna Seca log on one of the sleeves.

Enthusiast Apparel

Now, I’m not as familiar with Enthusiast Apparel, but I was first exposed to them while watching Top Gear and seeing their adverts air. Good market targeting there. They themselves also offer racing and car inspired apparel for, as the name implies, enthusiasts. Here are a couple BMW picks I found.

M Flag Sneakers

If you have a fabled E36 M3 Lightweight, perhaps these are the shoes for you. They are a little flashy maybe, but I’ve always had a thing for bright shoes. The white also makes it classy as well as the absence of BMW logos. The people who know BMW’s will recognize the Motorsport flag and your passion for the Roundel.


Another offering showing transformation through the years. Starts with what looks like a 2002, then to an E9 3.0 CSL and on to an E30 M3. All three cars that I’d really like to own one day.