2016 Bimmerfest East in pictures

Have you been to Bimmerfest before? Not many of us get to travel across the country to attend events such as these. The lucky that do get to go like to take pictures so the rest of us can see what we are missing out on. Stop by and take a look at the photos one of our members took from 2016 Bimmerfest East. There are quite a few photos are eye popping good and drool worthy. If you can spot your car, make sure you let us know.

2016 Bimmerfest East in Photos

///Mpact East 2016 Official Video

How many of you attended Mpact East 2016? Did you see a guy out there with a camera shooting video? You probably didn’t, but he was there and he saw you. He was out there filming the event so that the rest of us could see what we were missing. For those of you that don’t know… MPACT is an event created for enthusiasts. MPACT offers an assortment of activities to entice the senses and keep your heart rate up all day long. Held at the Pocono Raceway, events include the Rolling MPH challenge, a high performance driver education event as well as spectator events such as the drift showcase and drift taxi.

Filmed in 4k awesomeness by Bsaintmedia

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AquilaBMW visits the BMW Performance Driving Center

We then walked on to the apron where all the car were parked and Matt took us to an F10 M5. He said it was only right that us M5 owners should go on track in an M5. Ladies and Gentlemen…… the next 10 or so minutes of my life were one of the most memorable, kid in a candy store smile inducing, heart pumping minutes ever!

The BMW Performance Driving Center in Spartenburg, South Carolina is the home for some of the most fun driving you can have. Not only do they have a state of the art facility, but they also have cars that are prepped and ready for you to drive. One member decided to drop by on his cross country road trip. Not knowing what he would find given how he was snubbed on the phone when he called BMW’s corporate offices, he was taking a risk. He was sure glad he did.

After chatting it up with reception people, he greeted by some friendly faces and one of the best instructors … Matt Mullins. Mike Mullins a fellow E39 M5 aficionado took the time to talk and trade stories with a grateful member before giving him a tour of the facility and ultimately taking him around the track for a sight seeing lap of one of the best playgrounds in the country. The car of choice was a brand new M5.

You can read more about his journey here… AquilaBMW visits the BMW Performance Driving Center