AC Schnitzer modifes the BMW M3 and M4

The engineers at AC Schnitzer have picked up where the guys at BMW M have left off. They have brought goodies to the market that make the M3 and M4 even more powerful, agile and stylish. Power output is up from 25 hp and 406 lb-ft to a much satisfying 503 hp and 476 lb-ft (which even bests the BMW M4 GTS with it’s mere 493 hp and 442 lb-ft). Added suspension options provide lower stance. The simple way out with a spring upgrade lowers the front and rear by about 1 inch and 0.5 inches. Second because they know you want more … is an adjustable coilover suspension that lowers up to 1.6 inches and 1.2 inches. There are also a variety of aerodynamic bits that help give the car the look. Winglets, front spoilers, rear spoilers are all available as a package or individually to suit your needs.

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AquilaBMW’s road trip across America update

Road trips are an American institution. With a country as vast as the United States, residents have long found it a “calling” to spend a week or two exploring it. What is it like to take a road trip across the country? It is no easy task, we can say that much. Follow along as one member goes from coast to coast on this epic road trip. See photos from various landmarks and famous places as he cruises in his M5. He tried to drop by and have lunch with POTUS, but apparently there was a scheduling conflict.

Read about his cross country journey…

Follow along as AquilaBMW takes a Little Road Trip Across America

Recently, I decided to it was time to do a proper road trip and head out again. This time, I wanted to take some time to literally smell the Roses or whatever plant or flower was particular to whichever state I planned on visiting. This time around, I would actually take time to enjoy the trip other than just flying down interstate highways and the like.

Are you following along as AquilaBMW  drives cross country in his E39 M5?  He’s posting updates all the time with some great photos captured from places most people only see from the air in a pressurized cabin from 30,000+ feet in the air.  Stop and take a gander at some of the natural wonders that are just a drive away.

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