The 2001 BMW X5

The 2001 BMW X5

Some content for this article has been borrowed from various internet sources, some with attribution, some without, and I apologize for this in advance.  If you are looking for an X5 full service manual, one is available from Bentley Publishers.  I recommend you acquaint yourself with all TSBs, assess whether they apply to your particular vehicle and participate in BMW Forum discussions.  A lot of the information contained herein may also relate to other BMW models having the same or similar systems, although access to these systems may be more or less restricted than in the X5.  Many routine maintenance items are relatively easy DIY tasks.  Others require specialized knowledge, proprietary tools and/or a lift.  My particular X5 is a North American model (Left Hand Drive).  Some design changes were made as the model matured, so make sure you have current information on your specific model.  Exploded parts listings are available on and some good DIY tech info is available at and

By Gary R VanRemortel        Revision B dated 08/05/14


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Engine Type:  M62TUB44 4.4L (4398cc [268 CID]) DOHC aluminum alloy 32-valve 90° V8
Avg Fuel Economy:  18 mpg

Bore/Stroke/Compression:  92mm / 82.7mm / 10:1
Warm Idle:  680 rpm
Max Power/Torque:  282 hp SAE @ 5400 rpm / 324 lb-ft SAE @ 3600 rpm

Wheelbase/Width/Track/Length/Height:  111” / 73.7” / 61.4” / 184” / 67.2”

Minimum Turning Radius:  19.85 ft
Curb/Gross Weight:  4795 lb / 6005 lb

Acceleration (0 to 60 mph):  7.6 sec

Coefficient of Drag:  0.36

Roof Load Capacity:  220 lb

Towing Capacity (braked):  6000 lb

Spark Plugs/Gap/Socket Size/Torque:  NGK BKR6EIX / .040” / 5/8” / 18 lb-ft
Coolant/DI Water 50/50:  12.7 qt BMW Blue -35 to 265°F
Fuel Capacity/Rail Pressure (at idle):  24.6gal / 42 psig

Differential Fluid:  75W-90 Redline Synthetic

Transfer Case Fluid:  0.5 qt Dexron III
Power Steering Hydraulic Fluid:  Pentosin CHF11S

Brakes Front/Rear:  332 X 30mm vented slotted and drilled disc / 324 X 12mm disc
Brake Fluid:  Ate DOT4

Battery:  BMW/Exide 61217586962 720CCA

Alternator:  140A

Tires (4):  255/55R18H (34 psig)

Lug Nut Bolt Circle/Thread/Torque:  5 Lugs on 4.72” [120mm] centers / M14-1.5 / 103 lb-ft


The BMW X5 is a superb road vehicle, but it is not a full-up off-road 4-wheeler.  It is built like a tank and as such, the vehicle is quite heavy.  But it is still a car, not a truck.  The doors are stout, open up at a good angle and will hurt if they trap any body parts during closure.

The X5 offers exceptional comfort over a long day’s drive and can carry camping supplies and a couple of kayaks up top to boot.  It is arguably one of the finest driving sport utility vehicles in the world.  A Class III hitch receiver is an easy DIY installation and enables you to haul all of your holiday toys.  I strongly encourage all X5 owners to take a personal interest in learning about their car’s systems, care about their ongoing condition and see to their periodic needs.  Remember to keep all automotive tools and chemicals locked up or out of the reach of children and pets.

These cars are well designed and I feel that each owner will want to keep it in as good a condition as possible, for as long as possible.  Be aware that repair shops may have policies against installing non‑BMW branded replacement parts, so you may be on your own when installing aftermarket parts. Maintenance technicians are not engineers, are not equipped to render a judgment on the quality of your alien parts and they don’t want you suing them if something goes wrong with your car as a result.  You should respect this mindset.

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