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Thread: FI Dyno Library

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    South Florida
    My Cars
    E46 330ci turbo, 05 ZHP,

    FI Dyno Library

    This thread has been created to provide a library of the member's FI dyno results. When posting a dyno chart, make sure to post ALL relevant info, including, but not limited to,

    Make (BMW.......Duh! )
    FI setup,
    boost level,
    extra mods,
    fuel type/octane,
    and any other pertinent information you can think of.

    Note: Absolutely NO discussions are to be made in this thread. Just post dyno results and graphs. Any discussion posts will be deleted immediately and without warning.

    Nick Glantzis
    2005 330i ZHP auto with Technique Tuning turbo kit (currently For Sale)

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    Feb 2001
    Miami, FL
    My Cars
    '98 M3

    Make: BMW
    Year/Model: 1998 M3, S52
    FI Setup: AA Stage ?
    Boost Level: 1.1-1.2 bar
    Fuel Type/Octane: 93 Octane
    Dyno Type: Mustang
    Extra Mods/Pertinent Info:
    JE Pistons
    Pauter Rods
    8.5:1 Compression
    OBD1 Manifold
    AA Low Level Intake
    AA Turbo Cams
    Stock Head
    60-1/20G Hybrid Mitsubishi turbo
    Aquamist 2s (3:1 Isopropyl to Water)
    MSD DS4 Ignition
    3 inch exhaust (No kitties)
    3.23 diff (3rd gear pull; need to confirm)
    AA Custom Tuning
    Weather Conditions: Will try to find.

    I will add more if I remember anything I may have missed.
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    My Cars
    '96 M3 Turbo, '04 Yamaha R6

    Make: BMW
    Year/Model: 1996 M3, S52
    FI Setup: Technique Tuning Stage 1
    Boost Level: 8psi
    Fuel Type/Octane: 93 Octane
    Dyno Type: Dynojet (SAE corrected)
    Extra Mods/Pertinent Info: Stock engine, stock cats, stock compression, etc.
    Weather Conditions: Hot!

    UPDATED 11/07/2005:

    [img]http://forums.***************************************?att achmentid=134404&stc=1&d=1131337172[/img]

    Make: BMW
    Year/Model: 1996 M3, S52
    FI Setup: Technique Tuning Stage 2
    Boost Level: 6psi (Run #2)
    Boost Level: 13psi (Run #3)
    Fuel Type/Octane: 93 Octane
    Dyno Type: Dynojet (SAE corrected)
    Extra Mods/Pertinent Info: Technique Tuning Turbo Exhaust & M50 Manifold were added
    Weather Conditions: Very nice!

    Last edited by ///3oris; 11-07-2005 at 12:49 AM.
    '96 Cosmos Black M3 422rwhp/407rwtq SAE @ 13psi / 444rwhp/444rwtq SAE @ 14.5psi
    Engine/Drivetrain: Technique Tuning Stage 2 Turbo TT Turbo Exhaust, M50 Manifold, TMS Oil Baffles, SSR Comps, SPEC Stage II Clutch, UUC SSK, Titanium Cavallino Ti-130R Shift Knob, UUC TME, EMC Diff Bolt, RCCA's. Suspension: GC Coil-overs, GC RSMs, GC RTABs, GC Trans Mount; H&R SB. Instrumentation: VDO Boost, VDO Oil Press, VDO Oil Temp, VDO Water Temp, BMW Traffic Pro Navigation, Valentine One TODO: W/A Injection

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    Feb 2001
    My Cars
    M3/4 SC;X5 4.4;
    97 M3/4: 307 RWHP SAE
    Dinan SC 6 PSI
    AA Turbo Clutch
    AA LTW Flywheel
    Supersprint Exhaust
    Dinan Suspension
    E46 M3 RSM
    AA Strut bars (F&R)
    IFG A5 Forged LTW wheels on Pilot PS2
    CF Hood
    And a whole bunch of forgotten and replaced upgraded items.

    On a: DynoJet Dyno
    Attached Images Attached Images
    97 M3/4
    ...420rwhp...Dinan SC
    Tuned by AA, M50 Manifold, RMS Aftercooler
    3.5 Porsche HFM, 42# injectors, Supersprint Exhaust
    AA Turbo Clutch, AA LTW Flywheel, TCK Suspension
    AA Strut bars (F&R), XBrace, BMP Rear Camber Correcting Arm
    BBS RK wheels on Pilot PS2, CF Hood

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    Apr 2003
    Lincoln Ne
    My Cars
    89' 325i turbo, 86' 535i
    Make: BMW
    Model: 325i
    Year: 1989
    Engine: Stock bottom End M20b25
    fuel type: 80% - 92 octane, 20% - 110 octane
    FI Method: Turbocharged

    Wheel Power: 294.8 whp, 304.3 wtq. - 13 psi
    Flywheel power: 345.0 hp, 356.0 tq. (17% drivetain loss)
    Dynochart: (Dynojet)

    1/4mile: (10-08-04) 11.886 @ 113.76 mph. - slicks, 14.7 psi
    0-60: 3.29 sec. (
    timeslip:click for timeslip

    Mods: (the short list)
    Turbonetics T3/T4 .63 .82 stage 3 Super v trim Ball Barring
    Tial 38mm external Wastegate
    3" mandrel Bent custom down pipe, Downpipe back. catless
    Turbo manifold adapter
    Turbo XS RFL BOV
    Custom Front Mount Intercooler
    Port and Polished cylinder Head with a 3 angle grind
    2.5" to 3" mandrel charge pipes
    Metric Blue grade 12.9 Head bolts
    Walboro 307 l/hr fuel pump
    48lb injectors
    Center force Dual Friction Clutch
    2.97 welded Diff
    12.8Lb lightened flywheel
    Mega Squirt stand alone fuel computer
    Innovate LMa-1 Wideband
    Innovate LMa-3 data logger
    HKS type-1 turbo timer
    Autometer Air/Fuel gauge
    Autometer Boost/vacuum gauge
    Autometer Fuel pressure gauge elec.
    Autometer Fuel pressure gauge mech.
    Autometer Oil pressure gauge

    website in sig for more info.

    :: 89' BMW 325i turbo :: 86' BMW 535i (restoration project) :: :: WFO Racing Team ::

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    Apr 2002
    My Cars
    99 AA Turbo Mcoupe

    99 Mcoupe AA T61 turbo 469RWHP 481 RWTQ

    19psi boost on stock internals and 93 octane with 30% alcohol injection triggered at 9psi. 8.5:1 compression thru thicker HG.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Jun 2001
    Markham, Ontario,Canada
    My Cars
    Bmw E36 330i , Mazda 3
    95M3 motor with stock compression
    AA basically a Stage 1 Gen III
    Free flow no cats with AA Gen 1 muffler
    Bored throttle body
    Sunoco 94 octane
    Aquamist 1s 1.0mm methanol/water(50/50) trigger at 6psi
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by M3TurboCa; 10-26-2004 at 10:03 AM.
    AA Stage 1 Gen III, BMP head gasket, Bored Throttle Body, 3.0"DnPipe & Custom exhaust with AA Gen 2, Aquamist 1s water/methanol injection,
    Last dynojet Aug 02 248c SAE 369whp/354ft-lbs at 10.5psi, 1/4mile 12.6@116mph
    New Sept 02 Head work and exhaust porting, April 04:UUC Pulleys, Turbo to intercooler pipe 2.5" Aug 04 3.5"HFM,11.5psi

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    Jun 2003
    My Cars
    00 Blue M Roadster, 95 White M3
    2000 M Roadster
    Completely Stock S52 from valve cover to oil pan
    Tec-III from Vic Sias - Tuned by Knowledge Performance
    T3/T4 60-1 .62/.84 Turbo
    Tial 38mm Wastegate
    Shrick Intake
    Techno50's Tubular Turbo Manifold
    Custom 3" to twin 2.5" Magnaflows
    Complete Heat Wrap, from Manifold - Turbo - 3" Back
    52lb RC Injectors Balanced/Flow Matched
    Fluidyne Radiator
    Oil Cooler
    Quaife Diff
    Dual Ear Rouge Diff cover
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by ShawnsM; 11-22-2004 at 11:14 AM.

    00 Roadster is on HOLD & collecting dust

    95 M3 Better drop 650WHP+
    CP Forged Pistons
    Monza Titanium Rods
    87mm Bore, Stock 3.2 Stroke
    11mm ARP Head Studs
    2nd MLS Gasket

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    Aug 2003
    San Diego,CA,USA
    My Cars
    1997 Turbo M3 Coupe
    10/17/04 Dynapack Dyno Video ~ 416rwhp 459rwtq @ 9psi
    416/459 9psi (updated to work 7/15/06)

    10/02/04 Mustang Dyno Video ~ 425rwhp 477rwtq @ 12psi
    425rwhp 477rwtq @ 13psi (updated to work 7/15/06)

    416rwhp 459rwtq at 9PSI

    Date: 10/17/04
    Weather: Mid 60s
    IAT: 80 degrees
    Dyno: Dynapack
    Fuel: 111
    Engine: S52/B32
    ECU: Haltech E6k 717
    Turbo: GT30R
    Manifold: Custom Tubular
    Compression: 10.0:1
    Pistons: JE
    Head Gasket: BMP 1.55mm
    Injectors: 48lb
    Fuel Pump: Walbro
    Air Cleaner: HKS
    Intercooler: Skyline 24x10.5x3 Core
    Piping: Mostly 3"
    DP: 3"
    Exhaust: 3" all the way with Magnaflow muffler(no cats)
    Wastegate: Turbonetics Evolution
    Boost Controller: Greddy Profec B
    Clutch: Clutch Masters Stage 4
    Flywheel: Sachs Lightweight
    Aquamist 1S Water Injection
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    Where have I been? Astral projecting.

    Quote Originally Posted by jszy25 View Post
    Get drunk with Mike Radowski they said, it'll be fun they said...A broken toe, the worst hangover known to man, and bite marks in my arm said otherwise

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    Oct 2003
    Austin, Tx
    My Cars
    1999 M Roadster
    1999 M Roadster
    S52, 8.5-1 JE pistons, stock head, gasket, and bolts.
    T61 turbo, 15psi.

    459.9 hp 439.7 tq
    Attached Images Attached Images

    Turbo '99 M Roadster
    11.49@130.4 and 570whp@16psi on a stock m52 shortblock.
    WTB: Low compression M52 pistons & GT30r or 35r
    FS: PT-67 DBB turbo, freshly rebuilt
    PM me with questions.

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    Aug 2003
    My Cars
    911 GT3

    1999 M3 AA/SC @ 6.4 psi

    Car: 1999 M3
    FI Setup: AA Supercharger
    Boost Level: 6.4 psi (supposed belt slip, I will dyno and post again after I install the new belt to get at least 8 psi)
    Extra Mods: None!
    Fuel: 93 octane
    Dyno: Dyno Dynamics @ - this supposedly read a little lower than a Mustang dyno
    Temp: 70F with AA/SC, 80F for stock baseline
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Aug 2003
    My Cars
    911 GT3
    Additional info to the above dyno graph...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Nov 2002
    My Cars
    bmw 325i turbo


    Bmw 325I
    A&A turbo Stg 2 +
    10 psi
    fuel 93 oct..
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Oct 2002
    Baltimore, MD
    Make: BMW
    Year/Model 2000 M Coupe
    FI setup: AA supercharger w/intercooler
    boost level: 8psi
    extra mods: M50 intake manifold
    fuel type/octane: premium/93
    Attached Images Attached Images
    2000 M Coupe
    AA Supercharger
    S50 Intake Manifold
    TC Kline S/A Coilovers
    Turner Shorty Headers
    Magnaflow 14815's
    Stoptech Drilled Rotors
    LeatherZ Custom Blue Trim
    ACS pedals and E-brake Handle
    Momo Shift Knob
    Clear corners
    35% tint
    Forgelines 19x9 et38 w/255/30/19 and 19x11.5 et19 w/315/25/19 #138

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    May 2001
    Anaheim, CA
    My Cars
    SC'd 95 3.2L OBD1 M3; '90 DSM modified
    This was my dinan hardware, RMS tuned setup from two years ago. The powerdyne fragged on me and my engine died not long after. Notice the uber lean afr curve , especially at around peak torque. I am now in the process of turning my new OBD1 3.2 into a reliable fi beast with stage 2 rms SC at ~11psi and Technique Tuning (NickG) software. I'll post a dyno when finished with my new setup.

    1995 M3
    Used Dinan Powerdyne SC
    RMS custom software ()
    8.6psi boost
    stock 3" MAF
    28.8# lucas injectors
    6" RMS crank pulley
    UUC System U Exhaust
    91 Octane CA crap fuel
    ~70 degrees F
    DynoJet Dyno
    Aqaumist system 1s (not activated during dyno run)

    Last edited by ultim3; 12-01-2004 at 12:17 AM.
    '95 Daytona Violet M3 - 3.2L OBD1
    RMS Stage 2 SC at 11psi; RMS 6" Crank Pulley; Nick G. Software; Euro 3.5" HFM; 36lb/hr injectors; H&R Coilovers; Rogue Lightweight flywheel and sprung-hub Carbon Kevlar clutch, UUC System U DTM exhaust, EVO II Comp SS, Tranny Mounts and Enforcers, braided steel clutch line, Clutchstop; BMW X-Brace; Eastern Motorworks console gauge kit; Phillips 5000K HID's; Euro Ellipsoids and Clears all 'round; ACS interior accents; 18" Hamann HM2's

    '72 BMW 2002 in resto' phase

    '90 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD with PTE 50 trim T3/T4 turbo, AEM EMS (tuned by me), 28.5x10.5x3.5 FMIC, 680cc injectors, suspension that feels like it wants to kill me, and too much else to list...

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    Jun 2002
    Los Altos Hills, CA
    My Cars
    08 M6 Coupe
    1994 325ic 5-speed
    3.0L M3 engine
    AA stg1 Gen3 turbo kit
    Dinan Tb
    42# injectors
    7psi boost
    91 octane
    71 degrees Fahrenheit
    Humidity 33%
    (stock cats w/ Dinan exhaust)


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    Oct 2002
    San Mateo, CA
    My Cars
    98' M3
    1998 M3
    Technique Tuning Stage 1
    5.8 psi boost (Wastegate)
    91 octane
    65 Degrees Fahrenheit
    Humidity 31%
    3" Exhaust no cats
    Stock Clutch (Slipping)*

    Last edited by Jaded M3; 12-04-2004 at 10:19 PM.

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    Feb 2004
    Houston, TX
    My Cars
    '11 X3 XDrive 35i
    Ambient air temp = 60 deg F
    7 PSI Boost on Vortech V-1
    RMS Aftercooler
    Original DINAN software
    Attached Images Attached Images

    1999 Silver M3
    Dinan Supercharger @ 7 PSI, RMS Aftercooler, OBDI manifold, suspension Stage3, Exhaust. Alpina 18 Wheels, 10.0 MSL Head gasket, 1mm oversize valves and Head porting.
    303 RWHP SAE
    12.923 @ 107mph 75deg ambient 112mph best

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    Jun 2004
    robina, australia
    My Cars
    E34 535i TCD S3 Turbo, e46 m3
    1991 e34 535i
    TCD stage 1 turbo w/ turbo back exhaust
    High flow cat
    7-8 psi boost on TO4E 60 turbo. More boost coming soon!!!
    Ambient air temp= about 50 degrees
    91 octane
    Changed to Denso Iridium 22 Spark Plugs after a few runs, yieled more power. Car has also not had any tuning other than a TCD chip and some tinkering at ICS

    TCD S3 Completed! 400 rwhp/455 tq. Tuned by Larry Strouth @ HP Works. <-------Parts for sale

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    Feb 2003
    jackson nj
    My Cars
    06' E60 M5, 04' 645ci, 05' M3, 06' F350
    98 M3
    Stg 3+ AA Turbo..GT35R, all the goodies
    this dyno @ 1 bar boost

    1.5 bar run coming soon.......

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    Apr 2003
    My Cars
    AA Rotrex 330ci, 3.46 LSD, etc..

    AA 330ci Rotrex

    2001 330ci
    5 spd with UUC short shift kit
    UUC swaybars, Bilstein PSS9, Ground Control RSM
    UUC front strut tower bar
    Active Autowerke Rotrex supercharger kit
    Diffsonline 3.46 LSD
    Child seat
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by Alex330ci; 04-27-2006 at 08:57 PM.

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    Dec 2002
    My Cars
    '08 S2000 Club Racer

    2000 M Coupe
    AA Supercharger Kit
    UUC Stage 2 Flywheel / M5 Clutch
    Magnaflow Exhaust

    Low 70's - mild conditions
    91 octane gas
    MCoupeMike - AIM: MCoupeMike2K - 368S/8
    '00 Blown M Coupe
    '00 323Ci
    '98 Z3 2.8

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    Mar 2003
    My Cars
    BMW 323i
    Well, finally had a go at the dyno test today after installing my S/C for more than 2 years. Conditions of that day:

    Temperature: 84.7 F
    Baro: (forgot I think it was around 29)
    Humidity: 47%

    My setup:

    Engine: M52 TU 2.4L
    S/C: Mosselman Vortech
    CAI: K&N filter
    Header: Stock
    Exhaust System: Hamann
    Wheels: Hamann 17"
    Boost: 0.45 bar
    Attached Images Attached Images
    <font size="1">2003 BMW 323i with Mosselman Kompressor. Schrick camshafts. Koni adjustables with AC Schnitzer springs. Hamann exhaust and Hamann HM3 17" wheels</font>

    <img src="">

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    Jul 2004
    Boca Raton, FL
    My Cars
    E36 M3
    95 BMW M3
    Technique Tuning Turbo Kit
    8 PSI
    Technique Tuning turbo exhaust (3 inch no cats)
    93 Octane
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Jan 2005
    So Cal
    My Cars
    2005 BMW Z4 3.0 w/smg

    RMS Supercharged E39 M5 -

    HI Guys

    RMS Supercharged M5
    This is a stock compression S62 ( e39 M5 ).
    Hamman Headers
    Triflow Muffler
    RMS Aquacharger
    Running 11 psi at redline.
    Air to liquid aftercooler
    8 rib blower drive
    Vortech V2sq
    Front mount air to liquid cooler
    egt maxed out at 1400f
    iat- no reading at time of test.

    Wheel power/AFRs on bottom of graph.
    Note the AFR fattens out at the max torque band.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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