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Thread: Check Control Owners Manual - OBC not showing on cluster

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    Check Control Owners Manual - OBC not showing on cluster

    1995 530i. When first started through about mid-day, OBC data could be displayed on cluster via BC control. Then, BC would stop working (while driving) and when I turned off the car, “Check Control - Owners Manual” would appear with the gong/chime. Turning on the car would get the same chime and message and BC would not work. Next day - wash, rinse, repeat. Now, it’s permanent - I get the chime/message when starting and when shutting down; BC does not work at all. OBC itself works fine. I have tried a new CCM to no avail. I guess the connection between the OBC and cluster has failed but I don’t know where to start looking. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Funny enough, the OP is my uncle who owned the car before me. I have it now, and we figured out that if you press on the lower dash trim just below the cluster and to the right of the steering column, the BC messages will display. Once you release pressure they go away. So there's probably a loose connection or a joint that needs re-soldered in that area. It's on my list to fix. I'll post back when I get it figured out.
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