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Thread: Compressor Replacement - How involved?

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    Exclamation 08 535i: Compressor Replacement - How involved?

    Reposted from general mechanical help forum ...

    I've owned my 08 535i for a few months now and have enjoyed the heck out of it, especially after dropping in a JB4 last week.

    This morning I took a 2" piece of asphalt from a dump trailer at 80mph. Busted the passenger grille and punctured a hole in the AC condenser. It's bled out.

    I did some searching and the closest I can find is a radiator replacement thread -- I'd like to take care of this myself, but not sure how involved it is. It looks like I should be able to remove a few shroud components and slide it out the top -- but wanted to ask here first.

    Hopefully someone's been through this procedure, or there's a DIY I missed. If it involves draining the coolant or removing the front clip I'll probably find a competent local shop ... I've had to do this on the last three cars I've owned and getting a little weary.

    Also -- what's the consensus on the best service manual to get?
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    It's a fairly easy job. I posted in your other thread.
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