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Thread: Tech talk: Why 2v heads need more advance than 4v heads.

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    Want to post up a picture of the mentioned LS chamber and piston?
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    Alchemee posted some examples of a slightly modified head. A lot of the pistons are flat top, some of the lower compression motors had a dish top.

    Random googled photos of LS2 parts for example.

    I particularly love the spark plug placement.
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    Going to resurrect this thread for some of you.

    I have an M20 with a B27 bottom end, and the 885 head. Would this combo require even more timing then a normal B25 head/bottom? I am running what seems to be a lot of timing, even in boost up to 20psi. So lets say where a B25 requires 23* of timing, would the b27 bottom require even more? If so, how much?
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    IMO with lower compression and lack on mixture motion due to mismatch in piston and head yes it would burn a little slower and require a little more advance
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