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Thread: Retrospective fitting of iDrive and SatNav

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    2007 335D MSport Touring

    Retrospective fitting of iDrive and SatNav

    Starting to research upgrade on 2007 335D M Sport Touring to fit iDrive and SatNav. It looks like this is something that people have done and requires replacement of dashboard and adding new kit etc.

    I have searched forum and can not find anything so wondered if there was anyone out there who has done this conversion?

    Things that I am interested in finding out are the actual kit list I need to get, good sources of kit (beyond eBay), any advice, pitfalls, opportunities to upgrade (widescreen, DVD etc?).

    Currently my car has the Business Professional single CD with integrated bluetooth and computer that is controlled via stalk on steering column and displayed near dials.


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    Willymanily was attempting it but I think he decided it would be too much work. I love the idea of it but you have to be willing to put in alot of work. This will be lie a "pimp my ride" job in terms of man hours put into it unless you find someone else who has done it. This thread has a tutorial from nav2go regarding the removal & replacement of an iDrive system but it is meant for a ar that is already equipped with it:

    Are you installing it for Nav or do you want all of the functionality (oil level, etc)?
    I would look for junked new bimmers so you can get the harness, dash & brackets all on one place & probably for a much better price.

    Be sure to post step by step pics as you go.
    Good luck.

    Being that this is a big job you may want to wait untill the end of this year to get the next gen iDrive... BMW's ConnectedDrive allows for email and text message integration for BlackBerry smartphones.

    The system will only let you read email body's when you are parked but it will read them to you when you are driving:

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    This guy in Poland will sell you an OEM Kit & give you support to make things a bit easier. I think it will cost ~2,900 (is that the symbol for Euros) but he will give you a price quote if you send him your VIN:

    The complete solution to retrofit the latest Navigation system (CIC) in E9x and E6x vehicles.
    Based exclusively on OEM parts.

    The set includes:
    - CIC head unit
    - CID High Definition screen
    - LCI iDrive controller
    - and optionally all other parts (see below)

    It comes with the Navigation FSC codes loaded (navigation is fully activated) and the CIC is coded for the vehicle specification.
    The only feature that is not active at the moment is the Voice Control, which requires a separate FSC code.

    All other parts needed to install this retrofit can be purchased either from your dealership (the list of P/Ns will be included) or directly from me.

    1.If you already have the CCC Navigation (E9x,E6x):
    Those of you who would like to replace your existing CCC Navigation will need the following parts as well:
    - CIC-CID video cable
    - CID power/CAN cable connector
    - CIC trim
    and optional:
    - USB port (to be installed in the glove box, it allows to upload music to the hard disk)
    - USB cable
    - center console trim (only if you want to install the new iDrive controller)

    2.If you do not have the Navigation (only E9x):
    See point 1 and you will also need to change your dashboard and buy the center speaker trim and the A/C trim.

    3.If you do not have the Navigation (only E6x):
    See point 1.

    More detailed information on what parts you will need will be provided based on your VIN.


    The price depends on a few factors, so please contact me for more details ONLY by email at and include your VIN.
    You should expect the price above 2000 Euro shipped for a set.

    Special Offer:
    If you have a Windows XP laptop and you can have it connected to the Internet when sitting in your car I can remotely code the following features for you:
    - automatic mirror folding with a keyfob (no need to spend $249 for an aftermarket device to activate this feature any more),
    - automatic windows/sunroof opening/closing with a keyfob,
    - DVD-in-motion - this extra feature will allow your passengers to enjoy movies/videos while your are driving (no need to spend $189 for an aftermarket device to activate this feature any more)
    - Euro front blinkers (sidemarkers) - your blinkers will go ON only when you turn them ON,
    - digital speedometer in your cluster,
    - do you have any codes on the dashboard due to installation of aftermarket lights/bulbs - these codes can be removed,
    - E92 LCI taillights coding,
    - complete vehicle coding,
    - Vehicle Order (VO) modification,
    - and more...

    These features are worth more than $500 from other vendors. If you buy a CIC retrofit set from me you get them for FREE.

    If you are interested only in my coding service please contact me for pricing.
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