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Thread: How to::: Modify an e39 MID plug to fit an X5 MID

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    How to::: Modify an e39 MID plug to fit an X5 MID

    If you read my thread about my bluetooth installation, you would have seen the troubles with my MID. There was one entire horizontal row of pixels that were just... dead.

    Below is the before picture:

    It was brought to my attention that a simple modification would allow the X5 MID to fit the e39 MID plug. Well, it just so happens that I had an X5 MID just lying around. I almost sold it, because I didn't know that I could use it.

    The modification was very SIMPLE. It was literally two snips and plug it in.

    Below you will see the e39 and X5 MID's side by side. The e39's MID is on top. If you look to the left of the two housings, you will see that there is one tiny difference. See below:

    Here, I have pictured the e39's MID plug:

    Simply take a pair of snips and cut off the tabs that area sticking out on the side of the plug where wires #6 and #12 are. Look at the face of the plug to find these numbers. See Below:

    One Tab Gone:

    Both Tabs Gone:

    Finally, install the plug into the X5's MID. It may take a tiny bit of working to push the plastic strays from the cut into the housing. Should be no sweat. See Below:

    Finally, The results:

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    Just for the record, I have posted how to accomplish this white to black connector fix some time back if you did your search as you shoulod have =) Glad you figured it out either way. This is yet another example of BMW trying to be unique with their part numbers and in the interest of selling more parts..

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    I can only wish that this old thread had the pictures still working..

    Im about to buy an e39 MID for my X5 and this thread would have been perfect for plug comparison


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