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How to Drive Your BMW in the Winter

During the winter, people have a lot going on. Besides daily commutes to work or school, everyone travels for the holidays and spends more time on the road getting gifts or decorations. It all leads to extra hours in your car, which doesn’t feel like a chore when you drive a BMW.

No matter which BMW model you own, winter weather poses a few challenges. Whether your vehicle is on the road or parked at home, you have to think about how it will withstand the weather.

Learn how to drive your BMW in the winter so you can take care of it on and off the road. With the right tips, your BMW will emerge from the winter weather in peak condition. 

Stay Safe on the Road

The first thing everyone should know about driving in winter is to ease up on the gas pedal. Even on roads where the speed limit allows you to drive at 55 mph or more, you never know when you’ll come across black ice. If you drive across ice at fast speeds, you risk spinning out because your tires won’t have enough traction on the road to stop. Slush can also impede your ability to slow down in an emergency, so take your time and maintain a safe speed.

You should also talk with an auto professional about investing in snow tires. People use traditional tires for all-season driving, but winter versions come with specific seasonal advantages. They’re made with a deeper tread and rough edges so your car has a better grip on the pavement. You’ll make easier turns and slow down faster when you have control over the wheel. You might also think about buying tire chains for extra stability. 

Protect Your Car at Home

Winter weather doesn’t stop when you pull into your driveway. Before you leave your car for the night, pull your windshield wipers up off the glass and spread a towel or two across the windshield. In the morning, you can pull them off and save the time you’d spend scraping ice away.

If you have a garage, you can also think about replacing your garage door with something more insulated. An insulated garage keeps fluctuating temperatures from dropping the air pressure in your tires, which will prevent you from constantly refilling them. Liquids like antifreeze and oil also freeze during the winter when temperatures plummet and make it harder for your car to function when you start it up.

Remember Your Auto Care

You might want to curl up under a blanket when it’s snowing outside, but don’t forget about your BMW auto care. Check your oil and clean your windshield wipers often so your car runs effortlessly. Anyone who lives in daily snow should also remember to head to the car wash at least once a month, if not more frequently. Road salt is extremely corrosive and will damage the bottom of your vehicle and any paint it settles on if you don’t wash it off.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Whenever you head out to your car, run over a quick mental checklist to maintain your BMW. Keep your eyes open for road salt, ice on your windshield and any tire pressure changes. Go to the car wash when you can and get an expert to look over your vehicle if you’re ever unsure about its condition. All of this will help keep you safe during winter driving.