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Most people do not know that there are countless formulations of polyurethane on the market varying from cheap low strength compounds to expensive high end polymers.  Unlike the other companies selling polyurethane parts, Revshift uses the highest quality polymers available. They produce parts that outlast and out perform all the rest.   Revshift is a small company located in Metro Detroit, Michigan (the Motor City). They  design and manufacture all of their parts under one roof. The CAD work, CNC machining, TIG/MIG welding, and polyurethane molding process is all performed  in-house. The fact that nothing is outsourced allows Revshift to control quality and make improvements to their products at an unprecedented level. All of their products carry a lifetime warranty.   Revshift was established in 2009 with a goal of producing the highest quality performance parts available. Their suspension and driveline components are fitted to street cars and race cars all around the world. The polyurethane is offered in your choice of hardness ranging from a soft OEM upgrade to a solid race only option. Revshift’s prices are very competitive and they ship their parts worldwide.   Visit the Revshift website and follow them on Instagram today.

Website: www.Revshift.com
Instagram: @Revshift