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Why You Should Never Park Your BMW on the Street

Bringing a BMW home means you’re taking on a certain responsibility. You need to care for it, protect it and maintain it — if for no other reason than a well-maintained BMW will last you for many years. Where should you be parking your BMW, and why should you avoid parking it in the street?

Careless Drivers

You can be the safest driver in the world, but you have no control over all the other drivers on the road. All it takes is one distracted driver — especially an uninsured one — and you’ll find yourself on the hook for a costly deductible or expensive repairs. Parking your car in the street leaves you vulnerable to anyone texting and driving, doing their makeup or trying to eat breakfast while they’re driving to work.

Car Thieves

A luxury car like a BMW is a prime target for car thieves. According to industry experts, most car thefts occur when you park a vehicle on the street or on your property. Leaving your BMW on the street is like walking into a junkyard while wearing a steak around your neck to greet the junkyard dog. Don’t make your favorite vehicle a tempting target. 

Snow Plows

In the winter, the most dangerous thing isn’t the ice, snow or cold temperatures — at least to your car. No, the most dangerous beast is the snowplow your city uses to keep your streets clear. If you leave your BMW on the street, you could end up with scratched paint, broken windows or worse. The snowplow driver isn’t targeting your car maliciously — they just can’t see it under all that snow, so you’re tempting fate by leaving it on the side of the road.

Keep your car in the garage during the winter months to avoid this kind of damage. If you’re worried about an old garage door opener that might not function as it used to, upgrade your current model for one connected to a smart home system. Some even come with security lights and alarms to ensure your ride’s security.

Harsh Weather 

A rainy day might seem like an easy way to wash your car, but harsh weather can do all sorts of damage to your vehicle. Severe winds can throw debris that will scratch your paint. Hailstones can break windows and shatter windshields. Parking your car on the street leaves it vulnerable to all of these things. Around 20% of the automobiles parked on the street regularly get struck with flying debris.


If you park outside, there’s always the risk that a passing bird might poop on your car. In addition to being unsightly, bird poop and splattered bugs are both acidic enough to burn through your BMW’s clear coat in 48 hours or less. Leave it for too long, and it could potentially eat down to the bare metal. The easiest way to avoid this is to park your car indoors and keep it off the street. 

Always Park Indoors When You Can

There are plenty of reasons to park indoors whenever you can, especially if you spent the money to bring home a luxury car like a BMW. Rocks, bird poop, careless drivers and snowplows can all damage your vehicle if you park on the street. Save yourself the expense and heartache by parking in your garage as often as possible. 

How to Keep Your BMW From Getting Scratched

Purchasing a BMW is an investment, whether you’re buying one new off the lot or getting one secondhand. The last thing you want on your new, or new-to-you, BMW are scratches on that beautiful paint job. How can you keep your BMW from getting scratched, even if you drive it every day?

Don’t Skimp on the Car Wash Supplies

It might be tempting to wash your new BMW with whatever you have on hand — even if that’s just dish soap and an old washcloth.

Stop right there — especially if your car is a darker color.

For one thing, dish soap is designed to be a degreaser. It’s good for getting baked-on food off your favorite pans, but not so good for your car’s finish. It will strip away anything that’s protecting your paint job.

Invest in some good car wash soap, and use high-quality microfiber cloths to wash your car. If you’ve got two buckets handy, set one up for your dirty rinse water and one for your clean soapy water. That keeps any dirt or debris you wash off the car from sticking to your washcloth or sponge and scratching the paint.

Dark cars are the worst for this sort of thing — it doesn’t take much to get myriad cobweb-like scratches on your car’s surface. Be careful, and don’t be cheap with your supplies.

Be Sure to Apply Wax

A good car wax is a must to keep your paint protected. Think of it as sunscreen for your car. You wouldn’t go to the beach without protecting your skin, so you shouldn’t take your car out without protecting it as well.

Pick a good-quality wax you like and make sure you reapply it a few times a year. If you’ve got a black or darker-colored car, look for a wax that’s designed for darker paint. Not only does it protect better, but it’s also formulated to make your car look downright stunning.

Be Smart When You Park

Be prepared to walk — your parking skills might be great, but you can’t vouch for anyone else in any given parking lot. Instead of putting your paint job at risk by parking close to the store, park further away, where there are fewer cars. Sure, you’ll have to walk a bit more, but it’s worth it to keep some random person from knocking into your bumper or dinging your car door when they open theirs too hard.

This is especially important when it comes to long-term parking, such as at the airport. If you’re going to park for a while, make sure you pick a reputable parking lot, and put a good layer of wax on your car before you take it in. It might not be able to stop a determined vandal, but a good layer of wax can shrug off an accidental door ding or other minor contact damage.

Empty Your Car

This should be something you do no matter where you park. If your car is somewhere that is frequented by people, make sure you take all your valuables and belongings out of it before you park. Thieves aren’t trying to protect your paint job when they’re breaking into your car to steal your phone, tablet or laptop because you left it in plain sight.

Take everything with you — even chargers. If you absolutely must leave your valuables in your car, place them in your trunk or somewhere else completely out of sight. You can also opt for a car safe that you can use to lock up your belongings while you’re away.

Sometimes, taking care of your paint with a good wash and wax is all you need to do to keep your BMW from picking up a few stray scratches. It won’t prevent humans from intentionally damaging your car, but it does wonders to protect against accidental damage and regular wear and tear so you can drive your favorite BMW anywhere and everywhere.