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M235i Long Term Wrap Up from Automobile Magazine

With the M2 the hot topic of conversation, many people are forgetting about the M235i which has been with us since 2014. Automobile Magazine has just finished their 2014 M235i Long Term Wrap Up of their car. Now the question of the day is … should you save your pennies for an brand new M2 or should you pick up a used M235i and save that extra money for go-fast goodies from your favorite tuner shop? You could easily have a car that looks almost like an M2 that goes significantly faster. Should you consider one? Read their article and find out.

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DRIFT CHALLENGE: BMW M235i meets Speedway Champion

On the Monday morning after Germany had won the football World Cup final against Argentina, the Landshut/Ellermühle speedway stadium at the AC Landshut club witnessed one of sport’s more unusual match-ups. It was the first time a representative of a leading German car magazine took a BMW M235i with M Performance Parts onto the almost 400-metre-long track to compete in a drifting contest against BMW motorcycle dealer and four-times dirt-track world champion Karl Maier on a speedway bike.


Video from CES of an M235i drifting … itself

This BMW M235i is claimed to be the next step in autonomous driving: a car that will not only drive itself, but that can perform extreme manoeuvres like drifting. This official BMW video shows the car drifting car with no input from the driver.

BMW has shown a version of its forthcoming M235i coupe at the 2014 CES show which is capable of drifting with no input from the driver. The research prototype demonstrates what BMW says is an essential component of autonomous driving – the ability to safely master extreme driving situations. This official video from BMW shows the M235i driving and drifting on track ahead of its CES reveal.

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