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Differences and Similarities Between The BMW 328i and BMW 320i

BMW’s three series has been the gold standard in the sports sedan class for decades. The latest G20 variant of this nimble four-door features a revamped set of powertrain options, fresh new sporty styling and a healthy dose of technology to bring BMW interiors up to snuff with the competition from Audi, Mercedes and Lexus.

Prices can climb quickly as you move through the three series hierarchy, so it’s important to know how one model compares to another.

The base-model 320i has only recently become available as a US-market offering, however with the efficient new line of turbo four-cylinders providing all the power many buyers need, you have to ask whether it’s worth spending the extra money to upgrade.


BMW 330i GT Luxury Arktikgrau

The 328 is eight more than the 320. In BMW language, that’s good for a boost of 60 horsepower and lb. ft. of torque thanks to a higher state of tune for the 328i’s 2.0-liter engine.

So do you need the extra shove? With 180 horsepower and 200 lb. ft. of torque, the 320i makes the 0-60mph run in under seven seconds. That was proper performance-car quick a few decades ago, and it’s plenty of power to get you up to highway speed and making passes without fearing for your life. It’s nothing BMW should be ashamed of.

The 328, then, is a good option for the buyer who appreciates a more effortless feeling car. While the 320i’s lower boost settings make it more efficient, and not under-powered, you’ll probably find yourself putting your foot into it a little more often. So if that kind of thing stresses you out, choose the still-efficient 328i model and enjoy the extra ponies.


Interior trim and bodywork are largely shared between the sister 3ers, and it’s the technology where the 328i really sets itself apart. If you appreciate modern driver aids, you might be inclined to drop the extra coin and spring for the more tech-laden 328i.

The 328 gets upgrades to a touchpad GPS navigation system and upgrades your audio equipment from the 205-watt base stereo to BMW’s more premium Harmon-Kardon system.

If you’ve never experienced a premium BMW sound system, you’re in for a treat with the Harmon-Kardon, which we can guarantee is putting out well in excess of 205-watts.

The fancy stereo is a nice touch if you’re an audiophile and might come in handy on long road trips. Then again, if you just need a way to hear your favorite radio station and aren’t interested in the HD radio and other perks of the upgraded system, you can probably live without it.

Bottom Line

You’ll have to pay a $6000 premium to step into the 328i from the 320i. That’s a significant price bump, but not entirely unreasonable considering that you’re getting enhanced engine output. Still, if you’re just dead-set on the performance, you could probably find a tuner chip that would increase the 320i’s output for considerably less.

Realistically, budget-conscious BMW buyers should stick to the 320i unless there is something very specific they like about the 328i.

If you’re going to spend more money anyway, it makes sense to step up to the much more handsomely-adorned 330i or even higher models which feature 6-cylinder power and a gamut of additional upgrades. But that does cost money!

The New BMW 320i Sedan

With last year’s launch of the sixth-generation BMW 3 Series Sedan, the benchmark by which all sport sedans are measured was raised. Today, BMW opened the latest chapter in the 3 Series story as it announced the new 2013 BMW 320i Sedan for the US market. Constructed with the near-perfect 50:50 balance afforded by BMW rear-wheel drive and priced from $33,445 (including $895 Destination & Handling), the new BMW 320i packs a content-rich punch in the marketplace for premium compact sport sedans. Sporting a 180-horsepower TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine, the new BMW 320i Sedan goes on sale in late-Spring 2013. Along with the new 320i Sedan, the BMW 320i xDrive Sedan featuring BMW’s intelligent all-wheel drive system will also be available from $35,445 (including $895 Destination & Handling). The broad palette of standard equipment includes Bluetooth smartphone integration and BMW’s Auto Start-Stop function.

Talk about the new BMW 320i Sedan