This new sub-forum is a place for dedicated track or race car build-up threads. It will provide a place where these specialized threads will be easily accessable to our members for reference purposes. This is not a place for DIYs on how I installed my HIDs, new exhaust, sway bars or the like. Those type threads should continue to be posted in the other appropriate forums. The forum moderator(s) will tow or delete threads that are started and do not belong.

Feel free to post comments or questions about the specific topic of the build-up but please stay on topic. We want this to be a valuable resource and in-depth look at the talents and abilities of some of our members and vendors.

If you have an existing thread you believe to be appropriate for this forum, please PM a forum mod and ask to have the thread moved. Likewise, if you want to start a new thread but are unsure if it should be in this forum, PM a mod to ask.

Thanks and enjoy the new forum.