Complete Euro m20b25

From my touring. 99k on it. EURO m20b25. just like the U.S. version, just different pistons so a tiny bit higher compression ratio (little more power). Bolts right into a 325i/is no problem. or a 325e with the necessary changes. no leaks, doesn’t burn any oil, no issues whatsoever. With clutch, flywheel, and Getrag 260 5 speed transmission, no grinds, no issues. Have pics (they’re just on my external hard drive which is at my parents house). Comes with alternator, p/s pump, starter, etc etc. everything it would normally come with (but no a/c compressor, my touring doesn’t have a/c)

$1300 w/tranny & everything

Mahle 10.2:1 pistons. Brand new, in box. Come with all rings. Designed to use “I” rods (I have a set w/60k on them in the “Used m20 parts” section below)

Performance valve springs: full set
“the increased duration of a performance cam with an aggressive grind forces the valve to open and close at a much faster rate. This rapid opening and closing at high RPM can cause "valve float". Valve float is the inability for a valve spring to close the valve fast enough to avoid piston contact.”

New in box e30 rocker arm shafts (includes 2).

o2 sensor, m20b25, $40

m20b25 rods 60k on them $50

m20b25 idle control valve. $35.

m20b25 throttle body and throttle position switch
$10. the spring on the plenum of the tb is broken. everything is is good.

spark plug wire cover. its just dirty in the pics. $8

4.10 open differential. probably leaks. $40

325ix dipstick $10

351 DME. ~65k on it. $50

Early model (84-87) passenger side taillight. Great shape (bought from Jordan).

overhead panel, for sunroof cars. Had a bit of discoloration in the center where the rearview mirror goes, I sharpied it. Can’t even see it when installed

late model 3rd brakelight

All these parts are brand new in box replacement parts
head bolt set pn 11-12-1-726-478 $15
clutch master cylinder 21-52-1-156-000 $55
clutch slave cylinder 21-52-1-116-300 $30
rear shock mount set 33-52-1-092-362 $25
transmission tail mount 22-31-1-094-916 (2) $10
guide bushing for driveshaft 26-11-1-207-096 $7
a/c compressor belt 64-52-1-466-043 $4
engine mounts (2) 11-81-1-132-323 $25 for both
Bosch Super spark plugs (set) 12-12-9-061-869 $25