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Thread: Automatic & Manual Transmissions - Need to learn to play nicely together!

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    Exclamation Automatic & Manual Transmissions - Need to learn to play nicely together!

    Folks... I'm really tired of hearing how people here are unresponsive/disrespectful towards people who have automatic transmissions. Whatever the reason for the choice of an automatic transmission... you need to understand that constant abusive of their threads and posting dumb replies does not help the situation.

    Automatic transmissions are a way of life... if you don't like them, that's fine, but there is no need to crap on their threads or cars.
    Let me get this straight... You are swapping out parts designed by hundreds of engineers that get paid thousands of dollars for something you bought at Pep Boys because your buddy who doesn't have a job told you it was 'better'?!?

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    Thank you. I have a huge problem reading people bash other peoples cars just because of this. And no I dont have an auto but theres no room for it and its totally pointless.

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    I have an auto, but i also only payed 5k for it a salvage repairable yard... whos gunna pass up an m3 for 5k? ive still got less than 9k total invested including the price of the car. i would much prefer a 5spd, considering there is very little stop and go traffic jammish style driving. even when i start UTI they run their schedule so that the students dont have to deal with the morning, mid day, or night traffic.

    how about we make it plain and simple...

    M3 FTW!

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    Manuals are great, and the approx 12% of the US population who own/drive manuals will agree.

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    I find it humorous that people will argue about transmissions as if it's Right to Life vs Pro Choice.

    It's a friggin transmission for crying out loud.

    Please don't draw your conclusions about a person's character by their choice of transmissions.

    Now sedans vs coupes is another story all together!
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    they both have their ups and downs, we've all driven both before (hopefully), theres a reason why they have different names. And both should be respected, not because of the tranny type but because of the M. wow that sounded cool.

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