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Thread: I need to vent.....poor quality of "new" parts...

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    Angry I need to vent.....poor quality of "new" parts...

    Ya know I'm not really happy with the lack of quality and craftsmanship in some parts recently that were put on my E36.

    After the accident (old chick ran red and hit me) I got a pair of Depos w/Chromiums and new OEM style fogs...

    Right off the bat one of the halos didn't light AT ALL on the Depos....(Umnitza sent a replacement element, haven't installed it yet though), then after the first wash the Depos AND my fog lights fog up! They still are now, guess I should go loosen some screws. ....and NOW after about a a month of getting the Depos one of the other Halos goes basically dead, very little of it lights up. Remember, I bought these PLUG AND PLAY, so it's not a wiring issue or crappy install by me.

    I'm just frustrated....brand new light (FOGS INCLUDED) and fuggin' right off the bat they go to shit.

    There's no reason something someone buys brand new should have these kind of issues, it's downright poor quality product.

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    Did you make sure that when you spliced the angel eyes into the turn signal power that they are heat shrunk and still properly attached? I know it seems elementary, but sometimes ish happens.

    Edit: The ring that lights up very little, is this in cold weather? If so, just hardwire the angel eye connections inside the high beam casing--white wires connected by black plastic harnesses. Once you solder those up, there will be no more cold start issue...there's none of that for me now.

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    Just asking but are these the Pacific Rim knockoffs of the factory lighting that are a bunch less expensive?


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