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Thread: Need recommended tire sizes please! :)

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    Need recommended tire sizes please! :)

    I have a 1998 318i with the stock 205/55/R15s on it right now, which well look very small and have about 4.5 inches of side wall.

    I am thinking about buying some 17 inch rims and I would like to know your opinions on which widths, sizes, etc. I would like a tire that is fairly wide, (but obviously does not stick out past my fender), and with perferibly a lower sidewall width, perhaps 3.5" or so...

    Perferably I would like to keep the sizes the same all the way around, (I dunno is this a good idea or not... for instance, can wider tires be accomidated in the rear?) I definately do not wish to roll my fenders.

    So basically I am asking for some tire sizes that would not only be wide, but also with a lower sidewall in 17 inch size! I think at this point anything would be an improvement over the stock 205/55s I have right now.

    Thanks in advance!


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    235.40/17 all around. Lots of guys are running this size.

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    for 17's, you should go with a rim width of 7.5-8.5 out front and back. Anything wider and you'll have to deal with rubbing.

    As for tires, the most popular set up is 235/40/17.

    My setup right now is 17x8 w/ 235/40 with 38mm offset.

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    Yeah, I was gonna suggest 235/40-17's at all 4 corners on 17x8 wheels. If that seems a bit much to you, or you're worried about rubbing on the front, etc, a safe size is always 225/45-17 on 17x7.5's...


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