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Thread: UMNITZA? Find somewhere else.

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    Thumbs down UMNITZA? Find somewhere else.

    Cliffnotes at the bottom.

    I placed an order for an air intake (link) on Wednesday, August 10th. I had created a new account for this order, being a first time customer.

    I placed the order with 3-Day shipping, paying extra $22.98 for it, figuring I would have it by Saturday at best, and Monday at worst. Monday rolls around and I don't have the part. I call UMNITZA at about noon, and the guy who answered told me to call back in 30 minutes to talk to Matt and rudely hangs up. I called in 30 minutes, he wasn't there, the same guy told me to call back around 4, once again, rudely hangs up. I called back around four, he told me to call back later and hung up, I worked 14 hours that day so I didn't have time.

    The next day I call them again, he says they have no information on any orders placed by me from my email address, even though the money was deducted from my Paypal account credit card which I went to the bank and got a printout of. He says he will look into it and call me back. Three hours later I called him back, because he never called me back, and he didn't remember us talking earlier, and it was the same guy. I then sent an email, which was responded to in about five hours. The e-mail, without a name printed on it, told me that if the part wasn't shipped out I'd have it by Friday.

    I called back the next day, so it's now Wednesday, SEVEN DAYS after I paid for 3 day shipping. He said he had no idea what was going on. Whatever. Maybe I'll get it by Friday.

    I went on a trip to Atlanta and I left on Friday, I called to see if the part was here and it wasn't, so I called UMNITZA. They told me to call back, I called back EXACTLY when told to, Matt still wasn't there. The guy I was on the phone with rudely cut me off and answered his cell phone, beleive it or not, it was Matt! I was told they don't even have the part! They just place the order with ECIS who makes the part. He told me he will look into it and possibly call me back by Monday.

    So it is now TWELVE days after I paid for THREE day shipping, and I am emailed a fedex tracking number, just the number, nothing else, no apology, no best regards, NOTHING. I look the number up, and it says the part was not shipped until Aug 18, 2005, which is EIGHT days after I placed the order.

    I still don't have the part, and fedex doesn't help much, so I don't know if I will even have the part today, Monday. Maybe tomorrow I will get the part, which will mean I waited THIRTEEN DAYS for a part I paid extra to get it within THREE DAYS.

    After asking if I could be refunded my money, they said no.

    Thanks UMNITZA, for horrible everything. I recommend hiring someone to answer your phones for you, and handle your shipping invoices, and make sure orders that are placed over the internet, that have a zero percent chance of just 'getting lost' when you deduct funds from someones credit card make it to your desk.

    Apology? Refund on shipping? Response to my emails? Anything?

    CLIFFNOTES: paid three day shipping on the 10th, its now 12 days later, they have no idea whats going on, nor do i, still waiting on the part
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    Cliff notes -
    we screwed up. sorry about that.
    Your shipping has been refunded.

    Tracking number
    Ship date
    Aug 18, 2005
    Estimated delivery
    Aug 23, 2005

    Appleton, WI
    Service type
    Home Delivery
    6.0 lbs.

    Arrived at FedEx location





    Aug 19, 2005 11:54 PM

    Arrived at FedEx location


    6:56 AM

    Departed FedEx location


    1:11 AM

    Arrived at FedEx location


    Aug 18, 2005 10:15 PM

    Left origin


    8:02 PM

    Arrived at FedEx location


    7:21 PM

    Picked up


    August 18th, the day we spoke and you told us that you had ordered something. Yes, our fault, we overlooked your order, but it was immediately shipped out that moment.
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