I bought this to replace my broken old one, it has about 80k miles on it, and looks and works great.

Way better handling when coming out of a turn then with my old open diff.

One the sides, to the axels, it has the flanges to fit an m3. They pop off, and you can use your 318ti ones from the old tranny. If you have an m-coupe, then you either use the ones included, or your old ones.

For the differential axel, I have a 4 bolt one, and also a 4 bolt one with 2 additional holes off axis. So it will fit either a 318ti, or m-coupe as far as I know. Worst case scenario, you can re-use your old one. both flanges included!

This is originally from the very rare clubsport 318ti.

I'll take $350 for it picked up, or $400 shipped