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Thread: Up to running temp in less than a mile?

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    Up to running temp in less than a mile?

    Im finally done with my 3.2 swap. Ive had the car taken apart for so long I forgot how long it usually takes to get the car up to temp. I dont remember it happening so fast (less than a mile). Im starting to wonder if the thermostat connections are switched. I made the pigtail in stead of tapping into the head. Would the engine even run right if they were switched?

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    The dummy gauge in the cluster isn't accurate, so yes, it should get about centered in approximately a mile or so of driving(2-3 mins). I think the center position goes from ~140-225*F or so. So the gauge will go to the center before the thermostat even opens.

    Don't start beating on the car for another 10 minutes though, the oil temp takes a long time to get up.

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    re: oil temp

    up to 10 minutes or more depending on the outside temp.

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    In my car, it takes around 10 minutes to get it to the running temp... and longer if it's very cold.

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