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Thread: Window insanity!

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    Window insanity!

    Iím at a loss to fix the windows in my 83. All of the usual stuff gets me nowhere.

    Kick panel circuit breaker - check

    Relay in fuse box - check

    Switches - check

    Both front windows will decide not to move when fully up or down. At random times. The only way to get them to move is to whack the spindle with a blunt object. Then they will work for a random amount of time.

    So far I have taken out the motor on the DS and cleaned everything and lubed the tracks. Still the same problem!!!!

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    When you cleaned, did you open the motor gearbox?
    Chances are that the lube is dry and stalling the motor.

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    If you haven't already, the switches may need to be taken apart, contacts cleaned and sanded. Also mine has a weird quirk where I have to hit the up button real quick, then the down button for the windows to go down. Sometimes they won't go down on the first press of the down button.

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