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Thread: 1995 BMW e36 325i near Folsom (Sacramento) California

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    Thumbs up ***SOLD*** 1995 BMW e36 325i near Folsom (Sacramento) California

    1995 BMW 325i
    VIN: WBACB4320SFM23668

    Please contact me at

    This e36 BMW has been in the same family since the car was 2-3 years old. It has 178K original miles and has always been extremely reliable. The running gear is all original and still rock solid with the venerable 2.5 liter straight 6 and the car is a blast to drive, especially here in the foothills where we live. We donít hesitate to take it anywhere and recent trips include a road-trip vacation by our daughter to SoCal including San Diego and back. The car is also driven semi-regularly to the bay area. Itís NEVER left us stranded. We are in our 50ís and 60ís and we love having the car around as a reliable extra vehicle when family and friends come to visit. Unfortunately (sigh), we are paying too much insurance as we head toward retirement and need to thin the herd.

    The car is regularly serviced and the motor and tranny still run and shift smooth as silk. Itís as bullet-proof a car as weíve ever owned. There are no leaks inside or out Ė no oil leaks from the driveline and no water leaks in the cabin or trunk. Thereís never been any body work done that we are aware of and while the body has numerous door dings and other small imperfections, the black paint still shines bright. No major scratches, no major dents. The interior is leather with age scaling but no rips or tears. There's a factory trunk CD changer for 5 discs that I never used. I guess I should see if it works lol! According to the BMW VIN decoder it has the M Sports Suspension package from the factory.

    Now for the bad:
    • The AC needs a compressor. My mechanic says the position of it under the car leaves it exposed and it took a "knock". It was working fine before I took it in for that last year. I didn't have the funds to pay for a new compressor.
    • There is an electrical gremlin somewhere and while it doesnít affect roadworthiness, the passenger rear window and the sunroof switches work when they want and donít when they donít. We still use them but avoid it if thereís a threat for rain - in case they decide they donít want to close Ďtodayí. The same story goes for the driver window but for some reason if I leave it cracked 1/2" it always works just fine (I've never tried that trick with the other window or sunroof). It's quite possible all these nits are caused by the same culprit.
    • The passenger front window is off-track so we avoid using it (although it will still power up and down reliably, it immediately goes off-track).
    • The rear driver door power lock doesnít work and has to be toggled manually.
    • The two interior trim pieces over the front pillars are off because the plastic retainers have finally given way but we have them stored in the trunk for future repair.
    • The interior trim for the sunroof switch finally fell apart (it's like a small felt-lined cardboard piece. The switch is still there and operational except what I mention in the bullet above.
    • My mechanic could not get the brake pad warning light to go off after installing new brakes so that's on all the time.
    • The airbag warning light goes on periodically (not often but wanted to disclose it).

    My brother-in-law bought it slightly used, his elderly mom bought it from him and never used it (garage bunny) and I bought it from her maybe 5 years ago, swapped fluids, brakes, new tires, etc, and me and my family have been using it regularly since.
    Now you know as much about this car as I do!

    We are a long-time BMW enthusiast family and we still have an e46 M3 convertible while our daughters each drive e46ís we gifted them when they graduated college. This e36 has been *at least as reliable* as our e46ís and is honestly much more fun to drive than all but my M3. Iím hopeful this good old car will find a new owner who is willing to trade a little labor for pride of ownership. If not, I'll have the nits repaired myself and adjust the price accordingly. As it stands, if you are handy, we can both save some money. This car still presents nicely and has always been a blast to drive and she deserves to be driven for another decade or more. Sheís willing for sure!

    PM me with your phone number and I'll call you. No dealers or brokers please.

    Randy in Norcal

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