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Thread: M52b28 swap e46

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    M52b28 swap e46

    Iím starting my build I have a stock m52b28 and a precision 6262 shooting for 600whp semi safely. Iím pulling the motor apart now and trying to get suggestions on rods, piston heads, head gaskets, compression ratios, and if I should even do the valves.
    Iíd like to run 93 since e85 is hard to find in my area but if the numbers Im shooting for isnít going to safe on 93 Iím open to e85. Also anything else that I should do while I have the motor out and open lmk

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    I'm in central mass most of the time. I built a s52 and put it into a e39 (similar build) I converted car to ms43. I have a build thread with most of the amswers your looking for. (E46 and e39 cars share a lot of parts)

    I would say 9 to 1 pistons , 135mm rods , cut ring head gasket. Turbo Manifold of choice. M50 intake or the new spa intake. 60 pound injectors minimum. Honestly, if your staying with the stock dme, find your tuner and ask them what they would do to run your combination.

    2.8 pistons have a different pin height than the m54b30/s52b32 pistons. Rods are the same. So make sure your pistons match your crank. (2.8 crank is a 84mm stroke. 3.0/3.2 is a 89.4mm stroke crank.)

    The only other thing might be a better cam choice if your trying to get to 600 on a 62mm turbo. Stock valves/springs have worked for plenty of people. Stock valves are two piece/ have failed at stock power. It's your call if you want to run parts that are over 25 years old. Plenty of people do it successfully.

    You can get e85 on the mass pike. You would need a flex fuel set up like ape x85 or similar to run e85 on the stock dme.

    If Your e46 was a 330, you could put the dual vanos cams out if the old engine on the single vanos 2.8 head. That might be the less expensive way, and you keep the dual vanos that the e46 dme can still control. Yes you have to modify the head slightly but it's not too hard to do. (The 330 m54b30 just has better cams vs the m54 325 or m52 328. ) lots of options out there for your valvetrain.
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