Dear all,
i am looking for someone who knows how to code the unit for tail lights / blinkers for a Z8 USA to Europe. As you may know, the US cars have blinlers and break light working together (when you break, the 4 light up, and when you activate the blinkers, the 2 on the same side blinki together).

Changing the rear lights unit from US to EU version doesnt change this, so it must coded be in the LSZ or Contol Light Unit.

It seems the coding language used by BMW was changed after 2003 and I cant find anyone who knows how to do it ?

Anyone who knows how to do it on a 2001 Z8, or any Bimmer of 2001 ?

Any technical clue (type of language, software, etc.. ) might also help me progress on this task.

Thank you all