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Thread: Strut pinch bolt

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    Strut pinch bolt

    Hey all, I tightened my strut pinch bolt for the front end, and had to loosen it back up as I discovered that my 1 year old wish bone bushings are bad. So back to FCP they go. In RealOEM & TIS, it's directed that the pinch bolt screws should be replaced. Is this fully necessary every single time it's removed?

    There was no load placed on the axle, but I suspect this doesn't matter. Any thoughts or experiences?

    FYI: I have replaced other hardware as directed, but I'm curious with respect to this specific bolt.
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    I did my front and rear shocks and struts (along with every single piece of hardware) in 2021 and have had to swap out the front control arms twice. I reused the same pinch bolts from 2021 both times with no issue.

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    No need to replace the pinch bolt on e38's. you can re use many times with out issue.
    also forgot to say that my pinch bolts are so rusty that there are no threads left until the very end of the bolts and that's enough to grab and work. ive changed my struts out 3 or 4 times recently because im trying to get the best ride but also trying to fit style 101s with out rubbing. you definitely dont need to replace them every time, it's not an audi.
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