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Thread: E39 - favorite Codes? And Rheingold vehicle type is not licensed

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    Lightbulb E39 - favorite Codes? And Rheingold vehicle type is not licensed

    Any e39 coder guys in here?
    Just modded my LCM to stop warnings about led lights. I replaced almost every bulb, 14.
    The turn signals still fast-flash, but no more errors. I can live with that.

    Any other mods you recommend for e39? While I'm still fresh how the process works, I like to get it all done. 😉

    After a month of not finding any info on google, I figured out how to modify your OBD1 cap to allow obd2 interface to communicate with all modules thanks to a buddy. (bridge the cap on pins 16-20). Now I connect with OBD2, with the cable K+DCAN, blue with FT chip. Works for INPA and ncsexpert...

    However, I can't use Rheingold launcher of ISTA. Can't tell if my installation is wrong or e39 is not supported. No other cars to test and this is a new install. It's like my license is wrong but I double checked all the steps and the registry. Both keys for 32 and 64 bit are installed, and online mode is true. The error after trying to identify or entering my VIN is:

    "The recognized vehicle type is not licensed for the current dealer data.
    Diagnosis on this specific vehicle type is not allowed.
    The diagnosis session will be aborted."

    If you're not sure what my problem is maybe my version 4.23.13 is not a good release of the Rheingold ISTA-D. I'm now getting 4.15.12 please confirm which release is sure to work on e39 from your experience.

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    4.15.12 works
    I deleted my rheingold folder and followed the steps again to install this whole thing and somehow now everything works
    cant tell if this is a bad release or my installation of 4.23 was wrong - that error usually means missing core files in the ista database
    but this is resolved for me

    I find the description of errors is not very often useful considering its 200+GB on my disk but it's still appreciated to visualize the ECUs and all errors at the same time and access each ECU functions

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