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Thread: My E21

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    My E21

    Hey guys, new to the forum.

    I bought this E21 a couple of years ago, drove it home, put it in storage and havenít touched it since. I advertised it for sale but quickly realized I didnít have the heart to let it go so Iím currently working on getting her running again.

    Just replaced the plugs and leads and just received the correct fuel filter after rock auto sent me the wrong one multiple times. New in tank, inline fuel pumps ready to go so fingers crossed that will solve my issue.

    Euro bumpers on the way from the UK, not too sure on what state theyíre in but took a gamble on a cheap set (less than $300) and my friend over there who picked them up said they were decent.

    Also made a 14 hour round trip to buy some new wheels for it, pretty aggressive fitment at 15x9.5 but nothing a bit of bodywork canít solve 🥴

    Next thing on the list is BC Racing Coilovers in the next couple of weeks then Iíll be looking into Weber carb conversion. I have very little mechanical knowledge so any guidance would be much appreciated.

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    Looks like a nice ride. Glad you didn't sell it.

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    Wow. You are off to a great start. Or at least better than most of my other e21s.

    x2 Glad you didn't sell it.

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    Yeah, these things will do it to ya. Last thought of selling mine 3 years ago, but since then I've just decided to do all the stuff I've been threatening for years. Really happy with it.

    9.5s are wide for these cars, but if you're good at doing body work/flares, could be super cool. Mine is on 15x8s (effective) et of 5, on 205s. About 3.5/3 for camber, fits about right, and I should be able to fit 225s on it depending how wide they truly are.


    If you can get Redshift (based on BCs) or Feal (they can get parts to build for an E21), I'd do that over standard BC (I rode on BCs in a Miata, not bad, but my Feals were a bit better at auto-x).

    I had larger tubes from a Volvo welded on front and use Koni inserts, and out back I'm running NC Miata units (recommended by Lee at Koni) with some mods to make them fit. Why didn't I do a kit? I'm kinda dumb?

    If you can get your injection running, it's a bit less hassle long term, but I have fun with the carb on mine.

    For lots of good info on a carbonated car, read the "Return Of An Original Gangsta" thread started by autox320. WEALTH of great info there, and super cool dude.

    Stay bit by the E21 bug, man.
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