I have a 2015 f06 650i GC. Iím having an issue with my alarm. Yesterday, when locking my car at work, I noticed it didnít chirp. Moments later, my coworker came in saying my hazards were flashing but no siren sound. Iíve done coding on BimmerCode before but kept the settings stock for the lock chirp. I do have the setting on iDrive, and confirmed itís turned on. I have the following codes from the Roof Function Center (FZD) module. Has anyone experienced this issue? My 5a alarm fuse in spot 169 in the trunk keeps blowing. Even when I put a fresh one, I don't hear it chirp. My SnapOn was unable to communicate with the FZD module until I changed that fuse. My research indicates that there is an internal battery within the siren that goes bad and prevents the siren from sounding, but that wouldn't explain the fuse blowing or the codes I'm getting.

Roof Function Centre (FZD)
DE8C5E | Roof Module, LIN Bus Communication Fault
801A52 | SINE Fault When Adjusting Coding Data

I came across this wiring diagram when I further looked into the LIN Bus Communication Fault. There's a Lin Bus line running between the FZD and the physical siren unit. I've seen people pull their connectors off at the FZD module to find corrosion, but I'm not sure that would cause the fuse to keep blowing.
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