Just out of curiosity, I wanted to calculate how much I spent on both maintenance and installs for the E90 M3 in 2023 and figured Id make a video out of it. Before I owned an E9X M3 I always watched these type of videos so I wanted to make one based off my own experience in case anyone else was curious!

In 2023, I put about 17,000 miles on the E90 M3 and within those miles I did these maintenance items.

-3 oil changes ($235-$250 per change)

-Fuel Breather Valve replacement ($220 in labor + $95.78 in parts)

-Spark Plugs replacement ($220 in labor + $162.64 in parts)

-Valve Cover/Timing Cover replacement ($763.68 in parts and labor)

-Hood Strut replacement ($36.79 in parts)

-E46 M3 oil cap ($39.95 in parts)

Here is a breakdown of the installations I did in 2023.

-Valved Axleback install ($300)

-X Pipe Install ($250)

Rough total cost of everything: $3000 (accounting for taxes and small costs I might have missed)

Besides one oil change, all of these jobs were done at Precision Designed! I highly recommend this shop, they do great work and have the best prices for E9X M3 jobs in OC.