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Thread: N63 F02 New Engine , new turbo cartridges, new coils, new injectors, refurbished DME.

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    N63 F02 New Engine , new turbo cartridges, new coils, new injectors, refurbished DME.

    Hello. New everything. 750 miles on the motor, plugs, turbo upgrade, coil packs. Still misfires, and drivetrain malfunction. Ideas? Only caveat is I gutted the cats. Took to dealer, they told me the DME was bad, so I replaced with data-transferred refurbished DME. Helped a lot with other issues, but still getting misfires. I looked at the coils. Some are dusty-white on the spark plug side.

    If I start off slowly and in sport mode, I won't trigger a misfire. But if there is a significant load, I'll get misfire and then the drivetrain malfunction issue. Also running rich with backfire on deceleration Using 91 octane fuel.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    What year is this?

    Is this the Siemens MSD85 DME or the newer Bosch one?

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