Hello, I came accros a set of Logic 7 from E60, which I managed to install in my F10 2012 with factory Hi-Fi and NBT-HU. After redoing the cables, running optics from the NBT-HU to the amplifier, activating the 677 option and encoding the NBT/KOMBI/TCB, everything worked, but with one phenomenon - the MP3/video files from the USB in the armrest can be viewed and selected but cannot be played (the player stays at 0 sec. and after 5-10 seconds it switches back to radio). Also, in a telephone conversation, the other party hears a loud echo of his own voice. I also tried encoding to 688, but the situation remains the same. When encoding back to the factory 676 the MP3/video files from the USB play as usual and the other end in phone call doesn't hear an echo - I can't hear anything in the car because I didn't want to rewire back for the old amp.

About a year ago the NBT was updated via USB to the latest version from the BMW site.

I looked with E-sys for everything related to USB in all modules, but the values ​​are as recommended for this configuration (677/688).

The amp doesn't appear as a module in the E-sys, which I guess is normal given its age.

I know the easiest setup will be an amp from f10 but the question is why with this one there are such problems, while it has nothing in common to the USB playing.