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Thread: McLaren 570S v Rivian

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    McLaren 570S v Rivian

    Judging by the activity here, I guess the youngsters are too politically correct, woke or whatever demasculine BS is being pushed today to post here!

    Anyway, I was on my way to a little C&C to meet the guys. My neighbor didn't feel like driving so I had about 200 pounds of ballast this morning, when I caught the self righteous headlights of the big Rivian EV weaving through traffic trying to catch up. Most of the time the Mac attracts a lot of picture taking fans. Not this time!

    We both come to the pole position at a traffic light. I can usually spy an open window with a cell phone popping out in these situations. Not this time! As the cross traffic light clicks to yellow the big EV starts lunging forward, waiting for the green. Could this guy be serious? Sometimes (most times) these EV characters are so full of themselves, they need a little spanking. I'm not a big drag racer. I much prefer some corners..... but here we are. Together at the light with him initiating the challenge. I had to stand up for papaya!

    We get the green and he obviously nails it. As I roll on the throttle, he's got 3 car lengths on me. That was about all he had as the Mac just hit boost and left him for dead. My neighbor wasn't expecting this and there was a "holy xxxx", followed by him informing me that triple digits arrived in a tad over 5 seconds. What happened to the humbled Rivian? Rather than be a man, the soy boy retreated to an 1/8 mi behind. Chalk up another. Splash one Rivian!

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    I love the first part.

    Well said!

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    So you raced an Amazon truck?

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    Does anybody know why they made this sub-forum public?
    Doesn't exactly encourage participation....

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