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Thread: need help with an electrical problem possibly caused by lighting

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    Question need help with an electrical problem possibly caused by lighting

    Hi i'm demonic, i'm having a few problems with my car. i bought a e90 2007 328i n52 and i'm having some power issues i put new headlights in for my halo lights and switched them from the OEM ones to Xinctai LED Angel Eyes Halo and since i put this part in the car the problem with it has become increasingly harder to hold a charge. i tested the battery and the battery is good battery status has stayed good and has been tested 2 or 3 times. we believed that it might be an alternator problem, and replaced the alternator in the car. car still has problems starting. car sometime doesn't recognize that key fob is in car ( i have comfort access) this is simply solved by putting key into key slot and car starts. when car doesn't want to work i use a small jumper box i keep next to my battery and that works 3/4 of the time, sometimes it takes a larger industrial size jumper box to get it to start ( only had to use that one 2 or three times) this is really embarrassing for me because i enjoy going out to car meets with my car and going to see my girlfriend who lives a hours distance away and sometimes i have to call my boss or father to come jump my car. i don't understand how a light bulb might cause all of these problems and wonder if its something else or if it could truly be the new headlights fucking up everything else. (excuse me for my language).

    modules with faults in my car are as follows

    siren with tilt sensor (sine) (sine_65)
    9D12 internal battery
    9D44 alarm memory, voltage supply tampering

    gateway (CIC-GW/CCC-GW/M-ASK-GW/RAD2-GW) (cccg60)
    A179 control-unit fault or over-under voltage

    central information display (CID) (cid_90)
    A64D CID malfunction due to periphery

    dynamic stability control (DSC) (dsc-87)
    5DF7 system voltage too high

    Digital motor/diesel electronics (DME/DDE) (msv80)
    2DEC power management, battery monitoring
    2F49 immobilizer anti-tampering protection
    2F4C EWS-Dme message incorrect
    2F4A interface EWS(immobilizer)-DME
    2F80 engine switch off time, plausibility

    eletronic transmission management (EGS) (gs1912)
    578E gearbox oil. wear

    Tyre pressure control (RDC)(rdc_can)
    6050 RDC transmitter, front right

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    First of all I would check engine ground. Second of all check the point where the main B+ cable is going from the battery in the trunk's right pocket to the bottom of the car (requires checking from below). Check the B+ point under the hood if the cables are tightened up.

    Also, describe more what do you mean by the starting problems. The starter motor won't spin? Could also be a bad starter motor itself.
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