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Thread: MAF Issues -- Unplugging Works, New Replacement Does Not? Tf?

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    Angry MAF Issues -- Unplugging Works, New Replacement Does Not? Tf?

    Car almost spontaneously developed an issue where the engine would bog over 2k rpm and had a super rough idle. Unplugging the MAF immediately fixes the issue at hand.

    Bought a brand new replacement OEM part, and the issue still exists with the new part installed. But simply unplugging the MAF connector continues to be ok.

    What else do I need to look for here? Already replaced the sparks/coils cause I initially thought it was an ignition issue.

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    Vacuum leaks in the intake tracts allowing unmetered air in. Perform a pressurized smoke test to see them all and replace all the parts leaking.

    Your MAF was reporting correctly.

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