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Thread: Do NOT buy from Autohead Performance

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    Do NOT buy from Autohead Performance

    I recently bought a rebuilt head from Peter Prinsloo for my E36 M3. After I got the head and dropped it off with a well know and reputable BMW installed near where I live, I got a call from them that I need to stop by their shop as there were some problems. When I got there, they proceeded to show me the head thst Peter sent. It had a hole in the deck, a broken tube in one of the coolant passages and a lot of metal shaving all over. They said the head that Peter sent was worse than the one they pulled off my car and they strongly advised against using the head as they were not confident it would hold up and they would not warranty they labor costs. I called Peter who was very surprised when I told him so I sent him pictures of the issues. After he looked at them, he got very defensive about the quality of the head and accused my installers of not knowing what they were doing (despite the fact they have a rock solid reputation). This is where Peter tried to pull a bait and switch on me by suggesting that I purchase a new head from him for $400 more. I told him that I would send his head back (since I can't use it anyway and there was no sense keeping it) and I just wanted a refund. After he got the head, he launched on a text tirade saying he looked at the head and it was ok...with a hole and broken tube, and that he would send it back out. I tried to explain to him that my installers did not feel comfortable in installing in and what was I supposed to do....question the installer, they are the experts, not me. I suggested Peter himself call the installers as I was getting annoyed being the middle man. He refused. He finally agreed to refund the cost of the head minus shipping....hold on, wait a minute, I have to pay shipping on a defective part I can't use? So, do yourself and your wallet a favor and not buy from this cheating clown. Got pictures if anybody is curious.

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    Pics please!
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    This is an argument against customer supplied parts.
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