Im running a BM3 Stage2 OTS tune on 93 octane gas. Car pulls like a champ. When all the upgrades were installed to support the stage 2 setup we also installed plugs that were 1 step colder at the recommendation of the tuner/installer.

Fast forward 2 years and I'm looking for a lil more power. I installed the BM3 flex fuel kit so I can run e85 as well as 93 etc depending on what's available in the area. The kit installed easily. I have a few questions before pushing the new setup:
- I've read oil changes need to be done more frequently when using e85. 3-5k mi even with synthetic - this accurate?
- Some threads recommend colder plugs for e85. Since I'm already using colder plugs for the stage 2 OTS map, are any other changes to the plugs needed?

I'm eager to flash the stage 2 flex fuel map and just want to be sure I'm not forgetting anything that could cause a
catastrophic failure.⁵