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Thread: E24 CSI ITB's with AFM

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    Lightbulb E24 CSI ITB's with AFM

    I've been looking into putting ITB's on my 635CSI but everyone says I need to have a standalone ecu inorder to do that. Is there any way I can install it without? Is it possible to fab up a plenum around the ITB's and then have an intake tube with the sensor inbetween or am I just being a little slow and stupid. If it helps I could mock up a quick sketch of what it would look like. Just wondering as I havent seen anyone on either forum mention this or think of it but I do know its a thing in the honda community.

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    Many of the BMW engines have a similar setup to your drawing. If you do it well without causing turbulence across the air mass meter or changing the diameter of the AFM, then it should work fine.

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    The M635csi does this exactly. The only issue using the airflow meter is you are drawing all the air through a 2"x2" flap, and you would need to extend the wiring loom approx. 3 feet. I've changed to full standalone and the intake noise is much better without the air meter, so is the power.
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