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Thread: Smallest possible turbo on m50

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    Smallest possible turbo on m50

    Hello everyone,
    I have come into possession of a very small Garrett turbo, and I am wondering if it would be at all useful to make some power on my non vanos m50b25 thatís currently in my e30. I donít know much about turbos so please excuse any dumb language, but I believe it is a .48 A/R on the inlet side and a .49 A/R on the outlet. I know this thing is tiny, but Iím really only looking to make like 250-60 to the wheels, so will this be big enough? As far as engine mods go the previous owner did a complete port and polish of everything so the engine is in great shape, as well as adding a .120mls head gasket to lower compression a little, and some arp head studs. I also have a factory head gasket I am thinking about installing to bring compression back up, and previous owner had some big honkin turbo on it and was trying to make 500+. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Sounds like you have a factory honda 1.5/2.0 turbo lol I could be wrong though. If you only want mid 200hp why not just have an N/A set up or supercharge it instead?? You could make mid 200hp on like 6-8PSI but that turbo your describing sounds like you'll make peak power at like 3krpm and it'll fall on it face IMO.

    Also not sure what manifold would work on your turbo maybe a t3? if that'll fit your housing. I would go with a 58mm turbo in your case if you had no desire to go past 400whp with great spool time.

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    I would not bother at all with that. You need a g30 or equivalent to not choke the motor too bad.

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