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Thread: 78 530 e12 headgasket

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    78 530 e12 headgasket

    Over the Summer i bought a 78 530 e12, drove great and then overheated. We took it apart to swap the head gasket, and after a grueling few months of finding parts and putting it back together itís leaking out of one small corner and not holding pressure, causing it to over heat. We are planning on taking it apart again and putting a better head gasket on hoping that will solve the tiny corner leak, any other suggestion?

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    Overheating is the most common cause of cylinder head warping and cracking. When an engine gets too hot, the cylinder head often bears the brunt of the pain. This causes the components to warp and pressure to leak. You have to check that. you may be able to take it to a mechanic who specialises in realigning them.
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