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Thread: Ignition coil reality check please

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    Ignition coil reality check please

    Wife’s Z4 3.0si ran really rough yesterday, a bit of a noise etc. Code checker shows cylinder5 misfire. Swapped the coils between cyl 5 and cyl 2 to test and the misfire code wandered to cyl 2. Great! Simple coil swap right? But, getting Cyl 4 misfire now after putting a new Bosch coil in cyl 5.

    Ran rough after swapping cyl 5 coil.

    I will pull at least the cyl 5 spark plug and look for clues later.

    Thoughts please?

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    It might be time to change all of them for fresh coils, at least you eliminate that from the equation.

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    I never replace coils one by one. If one is bad, I replace them all together

    May as well do spark plugs too. They are both part of the ignition system after all.

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