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Thread: Sunroof problem

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    Sunroof problem

    Another strange problem with my 95’ 525i. My sunroof will only partially open when the car is moving but works perfectly fine when sitting still. The tilt works fine when car is moving but It’s weird. I tried the reset and that didn’t help.It will always close wether car is moving or not. Then to get even stranger when moving sometimes the i can get the outer lid to open but the inner liner stays shut.Since the problem occurs only when car is moving i can’t really fully diagnose for obvious reasons. Again all these problems only occur while car is moving. Sitting everything works fine.Any ideas?
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    Overload of the GM general module?
    here is a German language detailed description of the ZKE central chassis electronics for E34 and E32,
    section 11 has the function diagram of electric windows and electric sunroof. there is a internal reversible fuse inside the GM general modules for this. I translated for you the important part:
    The relay switches off
    -if there is longer than 60 seconds a current of about 36A or
    - if longer than 0.3 seconds a current between 36 and 60A, or (overloading)
    -if longer than 0.1 seconds, a current more than 60A flows (short circuit)

    To protect the load circuits, TSH / ZV /ZS / FH / SHD from overload, there was installed in addition to that an electronic fuse 30A (reversible). In the GM the voltage drop is measured at the RM = relay module, and depending on the voltage drop (current threshold) interrupts the safety relay is the load current. The switch off values of the 30A fuse will not be reached here (it would just melt when there is a defect in the electronic security). The threshold of this electronic fuse is positioned so that is always switches off automatically before overload of the connected controllers. An automatic restart is only possible after 60 seconds! But only if these consumers were turned off, or there is no short circuit. Automatic resetting can be made 6 times when terminal 15 is switched on. This lock is released again by switching off the terminal 15.
    Silicon spray the rubber parts of the windows so that there is not so much friction between the glass and the seals. Also the guide rails inside the door.
    TSH = Tuerschlossheizung = door lock heating
    ZV/ZS = ZentralVerriegelung mit ZentralSicherung = central locking with central dead locking
    FH = FensterHeber = door window lift
    SHD = StahlHebeDach = steel slide/tilt sunroof

    In case you touch all 4 window switches and the GM notices longer than 0.3 seconds a current between 36 and 60A, then only the front windows will work, front windows have priority over rear windows.

    Use the manual sunroof tool from the toolbox in trunk and test if the sunroof moves smooth, maybe needs cleaning from old hardened grease , #12 Emergency tool elect.window/sliding roof 54127199322 see owners manual how to do
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    Ok thanks

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