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Thread: Removeable front clip?

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    Removeable front clip?

    Has anyone here tried to make the front clip / radiator core support easily removable and re-installable? I'm pretty sure I'm going to give this a go, it would make engine swap work so much easier. I got spoiled when it worked this way taking the e39 apart.

    If not, I'll still post some pictures here of the process. I haven't started dismantling yet, so I don't know where all the weld points are yet.


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    I was spoiled the same way with several other cars, wish the E24 was as easy. The front is a little odd on the E24, especially with the delicate structural nose panel. Lots of spot welds. I always thought it was optimized for assembly rather than designed for repair. We've had quite a few restorations shared here over the years, and I'm sure some of our brethren across the pond have done significant rust repair. Couldn't find any quick links though.

    In for updates!

    Just stumbled upon an unfamiliar classic auto specialty site, Classic Euro Parts? Seems pricey, but there are some very difficult to source parts listed there. I have no affiliation nor have I dealt with them, just passing it along.
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    I looked over it more closely yesterday, and there are a lot of spot welds and some sealant on seams. Looks like the fenders might have to come off too. Perhaps the way to do it is the cut it in different, more accessible spots.

    So not sure yet. But I'm not exactly sure how difficult a clutch job is going to be when the V8 is crammed in there.

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